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A Chance and a Hope Series Boxset - Books 1-3

A Chance and a Hope Series Boxset - Books 1-3

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If you've read any of my books you've no doubt met Chance already. He started out as just a name in Summer Lake. Missy's big brother who lived in Montana.

​He's the reason Remington Ranch came about. In Dance Like Nobody's Watching, he told Missy that he didn't want her to visit him because he didn't want any of the guys taking a liking to her. That got me wondering: who were "the guys" and what was this ranch like - what was his life like in Montana.

He spent three and a half years wandering around my head. He's told me quite a bit about his past, and I've shared most of that with you in snippets here and there. He and I have always known that he had far too much story to tell to be confined to just one book.

Well, he decided it was finally time for his story to be told - I hope you will enjoy following him on his journey through healing to finding happiness - and Hope.
​You can read a little more about each of his books here:
Book One : Chance Encounter
Book Two : Finding Hope
​Book Three : Give Hope a Chance

"The story we've been waiting for" - Rachel Burke

"A 5* rating is not enough for this book I'd give it 10/10" - Kindle Customer 

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