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Remington Ranch Box Set (Books 1 -5) (eBooks)

Remington Ranch Box Set (Books 1 -5) (eBooks)

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Remington Ranch Books 1- 5. The Complete Boxed Set

Love cowboys? You'll love the Remingtons. Four handsome cowboys with very different personalities but a shared love of family, a strong sense of honor, and a passion for the women who finally capture their hearts.


They thought they'd found their forever early in life. But Gina left town ten years years ago without ever telling him why. Now she's back and there's no way Mason's going to the let the only woman he's ever loved walked out of a his life a second time.


There’s no denying the attraction between Shane and Cassidy, but will it be enough to bring together a woman who doesn’t want anyone and a guy who wants everyone?


Carter Remington is a stand-up kind of guy. He’s content. He doesn’t need or expect any more than that in life. At least not until his favorite country singer and dream girl, Summer Breese, comes to stay in the valley. 


Beau has enjoyed seeing his brothers meet some amazing women and settle down. He believes he'll do the same, some day. What he isn't expecting is that a chance encounter in the wine store will bring that someday a lot sooner - or that the right woman will have a five-year-old daughter in tow!

Four Weddings and a Vendetta

Things never go smoothly when you're planning a wedding - let alone four of them.

Each of the Remington brothers has met their special lady. They're ready to get married, settle down, and embark upon the next chapter of their lives. Here's your invitation to join the brothers and their brides on their way to wedded bliss - unless a certain bad Guy out for vengeance can stop them.


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