[PREORDER] The Cowboy's Undeniable Love - MacFarland Ranch Book 5 (ebook)[PREORDER]

[PREORDER] The Cowboy's Undeniable Love - MacFarland Ranch Book 5 (ebook)[PREORDER]

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Estimated Release Date: August 25th, 2023

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Book 5 in the MacFarland Ranch series. 

Kolby and Callie

You might think that his whole life had been preparing him for a role as bodyguard to a beautiful country singer. He was raised a cowboy, had a career as a Navy SEAL, and he’s spent the last few years working private security contracts. But when Kolby MacFarland is assigned to protect Calypso Rayne, he couldn’t be less prepared for the way she makes him feel. 

Kolby MacFarland has always been a cowboy at heart. Growing up on the family ranch in Montana, he knows the meaning of hard work, family loyalty, and the cowboy way. 

Enter Calypso Rayne, the chart-topping country singer who's as stubborn as she is talented. Hailing from a humble southern background, Callie's rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric. 

But with success comes danger, and when she starts receiving chilling threats from a relentless stalker, her manager fears for her life and hires Kolby to protect her. 

With Callie out on tour, and Kolby right by her side at every step, trying to fight their attraction proves to be more difficult than either of them expects. 

Threats and rumors fly after an unexpected tour stop in Vegas with some very unexpected consequences. 

Taking Callie home to the family ranch seems like a good way to go off radar and buy them some time. But when his family falls in love with her, Kolby’s going to have to figure out if he has, too. 

Against the breathtaking backdrop of wide-open Montana skies, follow Kolby and Callie on a romantic, wild ride in this heartwarming story of passion, adventure, and the undeniable power of love and family. 

The Cowboy's Undeniable Love is the fifth book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international brand new MacFarland Ranch series.


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