Collection: The Hamiltons

Napa Valley is their home, wine is the heart of their business empire but wine isn't their only passion.

Meet Cameron Hamilton in Red Wine & Roses 
Cameron Hamilton may well be the most eligible bachelor in Napa Valley. He’s the CEO of Hamilton-Groves, one of the largest wine producers and distributors in the country. He lives a charmed life. Admired for his skills in the boardroom – and the bedroom—he works hard and plays harder. He’s not looking for a wife, he’s too busy living to want to settle down.

Meet Chelsea Hamilton in Champagne & Daisies
Chelsea Hamilton has led a charmed life. She’s a golden girl who has it all. She grew up in the lap of luxury surrounded by a loving family. She’s no spoiled little rich girl, though. She has a huge heart, a kind heart, a giving heart – a heart that sometimes blinds her to the more practical considerations in life—and business.​

Meet Antonio Di Giovanni in Marsala and Magnolias
Antonio Di Giovanni is a passionate man. He's passionate about running the family wine business and does it very successfully. He's passionate about living well and having fun--he's successful at that, too. He's known as one of the hottest guys in Napa and for being seen with a different woman every night of the week. He's used to getting what he wants in life and he only wants the best.

Meet Marcos and Molly in Prosecco and Peonies
Marcos and Molly were high school sweethearts; that couple who everyone—including Molly—thought would get married, have babies, and live happily ever after. It didn’t work out that way, though. Marcos returned to Sicily to run his family winery. Molly stayed in Napa to run her family restaurant.
Can the boy who broke her heart be the man who makes all her dreams come true?

Meet Grady and Hannah in Milkshakes & Mistletoe
If you've read Prosecco and Peonies, then you might remember Grady who works for Molly. I love him and his little niece Ava who he's just taken guardianship of. He's getting the hang of being a single dad, but the single part is about to end when they meet wine country heiress Hannah Jacobs in Milkshakes and Mistletoe.