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Milkshakes & Mistletoe - The Hamiltons book 5 (ebook)

Milkshakes & Mistletoe - The Hamiltons book 5 (ebook)

Sweet n Steamy Romance

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Grady and Hannah
Grady’s new role might surprise his old friends, he never used to be one for commitments or obligations of any kind – especially not with a female.

But since his niece, Ava, came to live with him, he’s getting the hang of being a single dad. It’s not easy, and he doesn’t always get it right. But he loves that little girl with all his heart, and he’s determined to give her the best life he can.

He doesn’t have time for dating – not that he ever used to date much. He preferred his commitments to last for a night-time rather than a lifetime.

So, when an old friend challenges him to get a picture with a beautiful woman they see at the airport, it’s just a bit of fun. He can flirt, safe in the knowledge that he’ll never see her again. Until it turns out that she’s from Napa – and she's on her way home.

Hannah’s had enough of life in LA. She moved there to escape from the pressure that comes with being a member of the Jacobs family. Her name is a national brand, and the family estate is a well-known landmark in wine country. But she’d still rather come back than deal with LA anymore.

She might have embarrassed herself with a sexy stranger at the airport on the way home, but that was probably just a reminder that she should steer clear of men for a while.

Except she keeps running into Grady and his adorable niece. And it turns out that he’s not the man she thought he was.

Pick up your copy of this heartwarming holiday romance today to follow Grady, Hannah, and Ava as they try to give each other the best Christmas ever – with a little help from a puppy, a meddling friend, a couple of newly-recruited uncles, and of course, some mistletoe.

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Milkshakes and Mistletoe is the fifth book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit The Hamiltons series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 

    Chapter One Look Inside

    Chapter One

    “Here you go, dude. Safe travels.”

    “Thanks.” Grady looked out the window of the VW camper at the bustling airport, then turned back to smile at his friend. “This was awesome, I needed this. Thanks, Monty.”

    Monty grinned at him. “No need to thank me. Anytime, you know that. I’m out there chasing waves. You’re the one who moved on.”

    “Yeah. I know. But you know why.”

    “Sure do. You went and settled down. Bought into responsibility and obligations.” Monty laughed. “You lost your touch with the ladies, too.”

    Grady rolled his eyes. “Don’t give me that shit. Ava’s worth it. And besides, raising her might be a big responsibility, but I don’t see it as an obligation. I’m still doing what I want to do, it’s just that what I want changed.”

    Monty met his gaze. “I know. I’m just giving you shit. I think it’s awesome what you’re doing with her.” He chuckled. “I’m not taking it back about the ladies, though. You could’ve had that chick last night if you still had the charm. I was surprised at you. The Grady of old would’ve been all over that like honey on a hot biscuit.”

    Grady had to laugh. “Where’d you come up with that one?”

    “Never mind changing the subject. Admit it. You’ve lost your touch.”

    “Nope. I’ve not lost it. I just choose not to use it anymore. I dunno, chasing ass just doesn’t hold the same appeal since Ava’s been with me …”

    “Still not buying it, dude. Ava wasn’t with us last night. You can’t blame your niece for your inability to close the deal.”

    Grady shrugged and checked his watch. “It wasn’t a case of inability. It was a choice not to. I came down here to see you – to catch some waves, drink some beers and catch up. But I guess you’ll just have to believe what you need to.” He grinned. “But I know the truth. I should get going.” He reached for the door handle. He’d love to stay a little longer and convince his old friend, but part of him knew that Monty was right. He had lost his touch with the ladies. At least, he’d lost interest in playing the games.

    Monty got out and came around to meet him at the curb. “Give Ava a hug for me, huh?”

    “Will do. You should come up and visit.”

    Monty shrugged. “Yeah. Next time I’m up that way.”

    Grady knew what that meant – not any time soon. Monty still lived the life that Grady had loved years ago. He lived in his camper, lived to surf. He worked where he could when he had to and dedicated his life to chasing waves. He’d stay down here in SoCal for the winter and wouldn’t venture up anywhere close to Napa until summer rolled around again.

    Grady had lived that way for years. It’d been a good life, but he’d left it behind. He’d been working at Molly’s restaurant in Napa for a few years. And a few months ago, his niece, Ava, had come to live with him. Taking care of her was his whole purpose in life now. Sure, he’d enjoyed coming down to LA to meet up with his old buddy, but a day at the beach was all he’d ever allow himself now. His priorities had changed.

    Monty grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a one-armed man-hug, then spoke next to his ear as he looked over his shoulder. “Damn! You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t drip your honey all over that biscuit if you got the chance.”

    “Dude! That sounds …”

    “Dirty?” Monty waggled his eyebrows and jerked his head toward a woman who’d just gotten out of a limo that had pulled up in the drop-off lanes a few cars behind them.

    Grady nodded as he looked her over. Monty was right. Though Grady wouldn’t have worded it the same way, there was no denying that once upon a time he would have gone all out after a woman like that. She was gorgeous; long, blonde hair, long legs clad in perfectly faded denim. A cream-colored jacket over a pink shirt. Everything about her was everything that appealed to him – or at least, used to. There was no mistaking that she was wealthy; even if she weren’t getting out of a limo, her clothes, her purse, her shoes, all screamed that they cost more than he made in a month.

    Monty bumped his shoulder. “If you haven’t lost your touch, get after it.”

    Grady raised his eyebrows. “I have a plane to catch.”

    “So does she. I’ll tell you what, if you can get a photo with her and text it to me, I’ll believe that you’ve still got it.”

    Grady had to laugh. “We’re not kids anymore.”

    “Don’t I know it. A woman like that wouldn’t give a kid the time of day. She’s one of those rich chicks, right up your alley.”

    Grady frowned. “I never went after rich chicks for mercenary reasons.”

    Monty laughed so loudly that people around them turned to look. The woman glanced in their direction, too, while she waited for the driver to get her bag from the trunk of the limo.

    Grady loved that she smiled at the sound of laughter. When her gaze met his, he smiled back at her, wondering if she’d engage. She did. Her smile grew bigger. How about that?

    “You think I don’t know that?” asked Monty. “That’s one of the reasons I thought I’d never see you get tied down.”

    “Huh?” Grady wasn’t fully concentrating on what he was saying. He was more interested in watching the woman walk away. The sway of her denim-clad ass seemed to beckon him to trot along after her.

    Monty pushed his shoulder. “Go! Get me that picture of you and blondie, and you can keep your crown as king of the commitment-phobes. You only ever went after chicks who you didn’t stand a chance with. You did rich chicks because they don’t want anything more from you than you want from them.”

    Grady grinned at him, suddenly liking the idea of trying to get a picture with the woman who’d just disappeared through the doors into the terminal building.

    “Deal.” He slung his duffel bag over his shoulder. “See you soon.”

    “Yeah. Later.”

    ~ ~ ~

    Hannah stopped when she got through the doors and looked up at the boards. She knew she should have just brought a carry-on. But it was too late now; she’d have to go and check her bag. Once she found the desk number, she turned and walked straight into a broad chest.

    “Sorry!” Her eyes traveled up over a faded green T-shirt to take in a strong, square chin and a very appealing smile, before meeting a pair of light blue eyes that seemed to twinkle as the guy smiled back at her. It was the surfer-guy from the camper. Ooh!

    He held his hand up. “No problem. It was my fault. I was looking at the board.”

    She nodded, unable to tear her gaze away from his. He felt like a breath of fresh air. His smile was warm and friendly, which was a very pleasant change from what she was used to. That thought wiped the smile off her own face. “You’re fine.” She moved to step around him, but he moved the same way. She stepped to the other side at the same moment he did. He rolled his eyes and she had to laugh.

    “I swear, I’m trying to get out of your way.”

    “I’m trying to get out of yours, too.”

    He chuckled. “And yet here we are, dancing.”

    She nodded. Why did she have to hear echoes of Nathan? If he’d wanted to dance with her, she wouldn’t be here right now.

    “What’s up? You don’t like to dance?”

    She looked up at the surfer guy and blew out a sigh. He might be cute, but she was hardly going to tell him why the thought of dancing had wiped the smile off her face. Especially not if he was trying to hit on her. He probably wasn’t. Her brain was just addled. Nathan had her questioning the motives of every guy she met. “Not anymore.” She stepped carefully to the side, and this time he didn’t move with her. “Have a safe flight.”

    “You too.”

    She carried on her way to the check-in desk. Oh well. At least, she’d had a moment with a cute guy. She wanted to look back, get one more glimpse of him. He really was cute. But she shouldn’t. He’d be gone. There was no point. But still, she couldn’t resist looking back over her shoulder. Her heart sped up when she saw him still standing there, watching her – smiling at her. She smiled back. Okay, so maybe he was trying to hit on her. She’d take it as a flattering little boost and leave it at that.

    Once she’d checked her bag, she made her way to security and was soon through the fast-track lane. She stopped on the other side and checked the boards again. Of course, her gate was one of the farthest out. She turned and stopped when she saw surfer guy standing a few feet away from her, looking up at the board. She should probably just ignore him, but … what the hell.

    “We meet again.”

    He turned and greeted her with a smile. “We do. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to dance this time.”

    She shrugged.

    He came to her and held his hand out. “I’m Grady. And I promise I’m not a creep.”

    She had to laugh as she shook hands with him. “I’m Hannah. And I’m glad to hear it.”

    He nodded, his lips quivering as a small smile played on his lips. “It’s your fault, you know.”

    “What is?”

    “When you said you didn’t want to dance with me, I believed you.”

    She met his gaze. His smile was infectious. And she almost wanted to tell him that she wouldn’t mind dancing with him.

    “But even while I believed you, I couldn’t force myself to keep on walking. As I watched you go, I decided that if you didn’t turn around, you weren’t interested.”

    Hannah pressed her lips together in an attempt to hide her smile.

    His eyes twinkled as he added, “You turned around.”

    She waited. She was hardly going to admit that she was interested. Wait. She wasn’t!

    He lifted a shoulder. “And now we’re here. Two strangers in a crowded airport. Now that I’ve seen you again, I figure I have to check if fate is on our side.”

    She laughed. “Do you realize that you’re venturing dangerously close to creepy territory?”

    He blew out a sigh and nodded, his smile never faltering. “I do. But it’s a risk I’m prepared to take. Let’s find out if fate is on our side; wanna?”

    “And how exactly are we going to do that?” He was cute – and charming – but her inner critic was ready to write him off as a creep and walk away.

    He held up his boarding pass and waved it. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

    She laughed again. “Getting creepier.”

    He chuckled. “Nah. Just having fun. Whatever is written on these will show us what fate has decreed. Do you need to go in one direction while I go in the other? Will this just be a brief moment that will make us smile when we remember it?” The warmth of his smile washed over her. “Or will it be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? We won’t know until we compare boarding passes.”

    She nodded. He was right. She had a little time, but she needed to head to her gate soon, and it was a long trek. If he needed to head in the opposite direction, they’d have to say goodbye, and each be on their way. She held up her boarding pass. “Okay. Let fate decide.”

    He held his pass out, and once she had hold of it, she gave him hers. Her heart leaped into her mouth when she read it. She looked up to find his smile looking a little more hesitant than before. That was a relief. If he’d looked cocky, she would have been nervous – perhaps she still should.

    “San Francisco?”

    She nodded. “Flight 2128?”

    He nodded back, looking more serious. “I promise you I didn’t know. I feel like a creep now but seriously, this isn’t a set up.”

    She studied his face. He looked as surprised as she felt. She could do what her brother would no doubt tell her she should and distance herself immediately or she could roll with it. They were in a crowded airport, after all. She wasn’t in any danger. She held her hand out for her boarding pass and gave his back.

    “I believe you. Shall we?” She gestured toward the walkway.

    “If you’re sure?” His smile was back but he still looked hesitant.

    “If you’re a decent human being, then I’m sure.”

    “Yeah. I’m a decent human being.” He gave her a rueful smile. “If you don’t count hitting on hot chicks at the airport.”

    She laughed as she stepped onto the walkway. “Do you make a habit of this then? Do you have girlfriends all over the country that you picked up in airports?”

    “Nope. I can assure you that this is the first time I’ve played boarding pass roulette. And no girlfriend.”

    He didn’t need to tell her that, not unless he was … no. He was just making conversation. He stood a little closer to her and rested his hand on the moving handrail just behind her. It wasn’t close enough to be inappropriate, but it was close enough to send little shivers up and down her neck. When she looked up into his eyes, her tummy flipped over. But there was no way she should be wondering if he wanted a girlfriend.

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