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[PREORDER] The Cowboy’s Unlikely Love - MacFarland Ranch Book 9 (ebook)[PREORDER]

[PREORDER] The Cowboy’s Unlikely Love - MacFarland Ranch Book 9 (ebook)[PREORDER]

Sweet n Steamy Romance

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The Cowboy’s Unlikely Love will be the ninth book in the MacFarland Ranch series. This is Tanner and Everly’s story.

He’s the kind of guy who’s only looking to hook up – he’s not interested in anything more.

Tanner MacFarland is widely acknowledged as the good-looking one in the family. Not that his brothers aren’t good-looking – women tend to fall all over them. There’s no ‘all over’ with Tanner – they fall straight into bed with him, and most of them would happily stay there till he kicked them out.

He doesn’t stick around long enough to kick them out – he’s too much of a gentleman for that. He prefers to slip away before dawn. He enjoys playing the game, and he’s careful to only choose women who are happy to play by the same rules.

The last thing he’d want to do is go breaking any hearts. He’s footloose and fancy-free and intending to stay that way … until he sees Everly sitting alone at the end of the bar.

She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t just hook up with guys, she’s looking for something more.

Everly’s in Montana for an interview. She desperately needs a new start. But as beautiful as Paradise Valley might be, she doesn’t see how she could make life work there – even if she gets the job. If she were by herself, she’d move there in a heartbeat, but she has Ashton to think about. Her life revolves around her son. It’s hard sometimes, but she wouldn’t change a thing.

Well, she’d love time for a little more fun … And the bartender at the resort where she’s staying seems to be offering a whole lot of fun. The kind of fun she hasn’t had in far too long. She isn’t the kind of girl who’s into one-night stands, but then Tanner isn’t like any guy she’s ever met before. She’d be crazy to turn him down.

They’re about to turn each other’s lives upside down.

Expected Release Date: Dec 14, 2024

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The Cowboy’s Unlikely Love will be the ninth book in the MacFarland Ranch series. 

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