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Bourbon & Bluebells - The Hamiltons book 7 (ebook)

Bourbon & Bluebells - The Hamiltons book 7 (ebook)

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Book 7 in The Hamiltons series. 

Bentley and Alyssa

Bentley Dupont has been the hardworking, conscientious, and dependable COO of DuPont Wineries for his whole adult life. Now, his mom’s stepped down as CEO, and Bentley’s stepped up. He’s having more fun at work – and it’s about time he had some fun outside of the office.

Alyssa Lloyd’s life is in a state of flux. She has some big decisions to make. So, she’s glad for the chance to take a break and visit her dad, Russ, in Summer Lake and meet his new fiancée, Ria.

Bentley’s only in Summer Lake for the weekend to see his mom, Ria. No one there knows him. What would be the harm in hooking up with the beautiful brunette he meets at the bar – especially if he doesn’t use his full name? No one needs to know that Lee is short for Bentley.

Alyssa’s staying at the resort and only plans to pop into the bar for a quick drink and to say hi to the bartender, Kenzie. But the hot guy sitting alone, drinking bourbon, makes her want to stay awhile and get to know him.

Her dad would not approve, and she knows it. But if she goes by the name Lizzie – which isn’t a lie, it’s what her mum calls her – then no one needs to know. At least, no one other than Kenzie, who’s assured her that while the guy might look familiar, he’s definitely not a local.

After one amazing night together, Lee and Lizzie are both sad to say goodbye. But it’s the only option as they each rush off to meet up with their parents.

You’ll have to pick up your copy of this sweet and steamy romance to discover how Bentley and Alyssa deal with discovering that last night’s fling is their soon-to-be step-sibling – and with hiding from their parents the fact that they already know each other – intimately!

It’s not the most auspicious beginning to a relationship, but they soon discover that they can’t keep their minds – or their hands – off each other.

Bourbon & Bluebells is the seventh book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit The Hamiltons series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 


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