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Carter - Remington Ranch Book 3 (ebook)

Carter - Remington Ranch Book 3 (ebook)

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Carter is the third book in the sweet n steamy, western romance series from USA Today Bestselling author SJ McCoy.

Carter Remington, a compassionate landscaper, is content with his quiet life after a painful past. When his dream girl, country singer Summer Breese, arrives in Paradise Valley, their connection sparks hope. Yet, with Summer's voice on the mend and an uncertain future, can Carter resist the allure of love and the potential heartbreak that may follow her departure?

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    Carter Remington is a stand-up kind of guy. He leads a quiet life, running his landscaping business and working out at the gym. Family is one of his main concerns. He likes to make sure his brothers and his parents are all okay. He used to think he’d have a family of his own to take care of someday. But that dream died the day he found his wife in bed with one of the ranch hands.

    He’s realistic about his options these days. He’s content. He doesn’t need or expect any more than that in life. At least not until his favorite country singer, Summer Breese, comes to stay in the valley. She’s his dream girl and even sweeter in person than she seems in the media. She even seems to like him, too! But what’s the point? She won’t be here for long. Carter can’t let himself fall for her. He knows it’ll break his heart when she has to leave.

    Summer Breese has come to Paradise Valley to recuperate. Her singing career was going from strength to strength until the day she found herself unable to speak above a whisper. Her doctors have recommended rest—for three months. Will three months be long enough to recover her voice, and will it be too long for her to resist, big, sweet Carter?

    This book is intended for readers aged 18+ 

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