Hi there.

Welcome to my shiny new store. I'm excited to finally have a place where you can buy the books directly from me - and where you'll be able to find all the fun mugs and T-shirts and things that I've played with for so long but until now haven't managed to get organized with.

Over time, I plan to add paperbacks and audio versions of all the books. For now, you can buy all the books as ebooks. You'll still be able to read them on your usual device, as they'll be delivered to you through Bookfunnel. If you're not familiar with Bookfunnel, don't worry, they give very clear instructions on how to download your books and they have a great support team who can talk you through if you hit any snags the first time - after you've done it once, it's easy! 

Take a look around. I hope you'll find everything easy to navigate and that you'll enjoy being part of this next chapter of the journey with me. 






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