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Red Wine and Roses - Hamiltons Book 1 (ebook)

Red Wine and Roses - Hamiltons Book 1 (ebook)

Sweet n Steamy Romance

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Take a trip to wine country to meet the Hamiltons in this new sweet and steamy series

Cameron Hamilton may well be the most eligible bachelor in Napa Valley. He’s the CEO of Hamilton-Groves, one of the largest wine producers and distributors in the country. He lives a charmed life. Admired for his skills in the boardroom – and the bedroom - he works hard and plays harder. He’s not looking for a wife, he’s too busy living to want to settle down.

​Piper Gaines is at a crossroads in her life. She’s just moved to California to take a job flying a private jet. After years flying cargo and believing that was as far as her career would go, her new job and new life are a dream come true. It couldn’t get any better – or could it? She isn’t looking for a man, but as maid of honor for her old friend Laura, she’s paired with best man Cameron Hamilton. He’s irresistible, but she’s trying to resist – at least at first.

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Red Wine and Roses is the first book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit The Hamiltons series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 

Readers say:

"Yes! Sweet, Steamy, and happy-making!"

"The beginning of another sexy, romantic, journey that makes my heart happy."

"Think I am hooked on SJ Mccoy books, good reads & feel good stories. Love the way the characters keep resurfacing."  

"SJ McCoy out did herself once again!!!"

"I absolutely adore each one of SJ's characters. Great read!
So glad I purchased this one and expanded my love for all her books!"

"Absolutely loved reading how Cam and Piper's love story comes together. And I love how all the series connect in one way or another. WHAT a great start for this Hamilton series to begin. come on book 2!!! ❤❤❤"

"This book was so fantastic. Cam and Laura are such great characters. They just draw you right into the story as though you are living it with them. There is a lot of love and excitement in it. A lot of twists you don't expect."

"Another terrific book by SJ McCoy!! I was so looking forward to Cam & Piper's story and she didn't disappoint!! I was great to return to the lake but also fun to get to know the Napa area too."

"I predict this is going to be another award winning series!

    Chapter One Look Inside

    Chapter One

    Cameron hung up the phone and stared out the window of his office. He loved that view; more than a few magazines had described it as the best view in all of Napa Valley. It was Friday afternoon, and it had been a crazy week. In the normal run of things, the crazy wouldn’t be ending for hours yet. But this wasn’t a normal Friday. He was taking the weekend off—the whole weekend. That wasn’t so unusual. What made this weekend special was that he wasn’t planning to spend it with the people who worked for him all week. No, he was planning to spend it visiting his brother. He smiled. It was about time, too.

    “Are you going to tell me what you’re looking so pleased about?”

    He shook his head at his assistant, Mary Ellen, who had appeared in the doorway to his office. “If you must know, I was just thinking about Cole.”

    “I can’t believe you’re taking the weekend off.” Mary Ellen smiled. “I’m happy for you.”

    “Thanks.” Cameron blew out a sigh. “I think you’re the only one who is.”

    Mary Ellen made a face. “That could have something to do with the fact that I’m the only one who cares that you should enjoy yourself. The rest of them are all hoping to enjoy you.”

    Cameron rolled his eyes.

    “What? It’s true, and you know it. The guys all want you at the country club because they like to be seen with the mighty Cameron Hamilton, and the girls all want you around because they want to sleep with the eligible Cameron Hamilton.”

    He shrugged. It was true. “Not all of them want to marry me.”

    Mary Ellen laughed. “I didn’t say they did, but they do all want to sleep with you. And you’re normally so obliging.”

    Cameron put a hand over his heart. “Ouch.”

    She gave him a stern look. “Ouch, what? You can’t be hurt by the truth.”

    “I suppose not. I like the ladies. They like me. It’s not a problem.”

    “Not yet, it isn’t, but as I have told you a million times—it will be. When you find a woman whom you care about, when you want to settle down, your womanizing ways may well come back to bite you in the ass.”

    Cameron shook his head. “I’m not a womanizer.”

    Mary Ellen let out a short laugh.

    “Seriously. I’m not.”

    “You honestly believe that, don’t you?”

    Cameron nodded. He did. Even when his conscience asked him to sit down and have a chat about it. He refused to have the conversation—because there was no need for it. Yes, he slept with a lot of women, but only women who came on to him. Only women who sought him out and made their intentions—and their desires—known. He didn’t go out seducing unsuspecting women who might misunderstand his intentions. He just played the game—with the players.

    Mary Ellen blew out a sigh, and he batted his eyelashes at her, making her smile as he knew it would. “Don’t be mad at me, Mary El.”

    “I’m not mad. I just hope that all your wild ways don’t come back to spoil things for you.”

    “I’m not wild.”

    “That’s not what Larissa was telling everyone after last weekend.”

    Cameron smiled through pursed lips. He’d be hard pushed to argue that one, so instead, he moved on. “At least you don’t have to worry about me this weekend, okay? I’ll be safely tucked away in a sleepy, small town visiting my brother. All the women up there are married or spoken for. I shall be monk-like and return to you untouched on Monday morning.”

    She laughed. “Not if I know you. Anyway, I didn’t come in to discuss your love life. I need the quarterlies for the Danson line.”


    “So I can work on them.”

    “But it’s almost the weekend, and we don’t need them until the end of next week.”

    “Perhaps so, but unlike you, I’m not swanning off for the weekend, so I thought I might as well make a start on them.”

    “You work too hard.”

    “You play too hard.”

    He laughed. “Touché.” He picked the file up and leafed through it. “I can get to these on Monday.”

    “And I can get to them now.” She smiled. “Why don’t you head home? You know your mom would love to see you before your brother arrives and whisks you away.”

    Cameron nodded. “Thanks, Mary El. I think I’ll do just that.” He got up and came around his desk to hand her the file.

    “Good.” She took the file and waved it at him. “So, scram. Go on. Get out of here. You’re making the place look untidy.”

    Cameron packed up his things and headed out. He stopped at Mary Ellen’s desk on his way by. She already had her nose buried in the Danson file. “Do you have any plans for the weekend?”

    She looked up at him with a smile. “I do. I plan to work on these and run interference for you.”

    Cameron laughed. “Should be a quiet couple of days then.”

    “Ha! You have no idea. They’re all going to want to know where you are and why you’re there and why you aren’t here and when you’ll be back and … ugh!” She waved a hand.

    “Aww, now I feel bad. I’m leaving you in a tough spot covering for me, but they know where I’m going.”

    “They know where you said you’re going, but they’ll want to find out the real story. My phone will be blowing up all weekend.”

    “Do you want to come with me?”

    Her eyes widened, and Cameron wondered why he’d suggested it. He shrugged. “You could hide out.”

    She shook her head. “Thanks, but no thanks. Now, are you leaving, or not?”

    “On my way. Call me if you need anything.”

    “I won’t.”

    He looked back when he reached the door. “Thanks, Mary El. You’re the best.”

    She nodded. “And don’t you forget it.”

    Cameron drew in a deep breath as he emerged from the lobby and the sun warmed his skin through his shirt. Much as he loved his work, it felt good to be out in the fresh air. He was looking forward to spending some time outdoors this weekend. He was going to stay at the resort in Summer Lake, the small town where his brother, Cole, lived. He knew Cole and his fiancée, Laura, rarely got any time alone together, and he hadn’t wanted to stay at their house with them. He reached his car and was about to open the door when he stopped.


    He screwed up his eyes for a second, then forced a smile and turned around. “Larissa.”

    She came teetering across the parking lot with a predatory smile on her face. “Surely you’re not leaving so early?”

    “Yep. I’m out of here for the weekend.”

    She raised her sleek eyebrows. “I heard you were going out of town, but I thought I’d catch you here before you leave.” She reached up a hand to swat some imaginary speck from his shoulder. “Give you a good send off?”

    Cameron smiled. “Sorry. Too late. I have to get going.”

    “Are you sure?” She ran her hand down his arm. “It wouldn’t have to take long.”

    He had to laugh. Last weekend they’d enjoyed each other for hours and hours.

    She pouted. “Why’s that funny?”

    “I’m sorry. It’s not. It’s just that you’re not a quickie kind of girl, and we both know it.”

    Her smile returned. “No, I’m worth taking your time over.”

    “You were.” He checked his watch. “I have to go.”

    Larissa shrugged and stepped back. “I hope she’s worth it. You know where to find me if she’s not.”

    “There is no she, Larissa. You know I’m going to visit my brother.”

    “I know that’s what you’re telling people, Cam, but really. I’m a big girl, you don’t need to lie to me. I’m sure you’ve got some hot little chicky lined up somewhere. Go. Give it a try. All I’m saying is that you know where I am when you tire of her and want something a little more satisfying.” She smiled. “You can’t deny last weekend was satisfying.”

    He shook his head. She’d satisfied him over and over and over again. At least physically. And where had that thought come from? He wasn’t looking for anything else. Just physical pleasure.

    “You’d better run along then.” She reached up and kissed his cheek. “See you soon.”

    Cameron got into his car and sat there for a moment. He wanted to wipe his cheek where she’d kissed him, but that felt childish somehow. He laid his head back against the headrest and stared up through the sunroof. Mary Ellen thought he was a womanizer. Larissa thought he was on a never-ending quest for a new piece of ass. Was that who he really was? He didn’t think so. He was a good guy. A wholesome, upstanding young man—wasn’t he? He nodded. He was. He was good to his mom—and his dad and sister. He ran a tight ship at the helm of Hamilton-Groves, one of the biggest wine producers and distributors in the country. He was well liked and well respected in the business world and his community. Hell, he even did his fair share with charities, and not just financially, either. He spent quite a bit of time at the children’s hospital hanging out with the kids. He wasn’t some hedonist. He enjoyed women’s company—and their bodies—that was all.

    He turned the key in the ignition. And as he’d told Mary Ellen, he would forego the pleasures of female company in any form this weekend. He’d better get over to his parents’ house if he wanted to see his mom before Cole arrived to pick him up.

    “Is that you. Cameron?” His mom’s voice rang out the second he let himself in through the huge oak front door.

    “It’s me, Mom,” he called back, looking up to the top of the sweeping staircase where he expected her to appear. Lately, she’d taken to spending a lot of time in her sitting room up there—reading. His dad teased that she was reading bodice-ripping romance novels. His sister Chelsea called it mommy-porn; his mom just flushed a little and told them all it was none of their business. He was surprised when she appeared at the end of the hallway from the kitchen.

    “You thought you’d caught me reading again, didn’t you?”

    “I wouldn’t call it ‘catching you.’”

    She laughed. “That’s right, darling. You’re more understanding than your father and your sister.”

    “I just prefer to live and let live.”

    She shook a finger at him. “Probably a very wise move. If you were to start commenting on my reading habits, I might start commenting on some of your habits.”

    “Such as?”

    “I rather think you get through as many girlfriends as I get through novels.”

    “They’re not girlfriends, Mom!”

    She gave him a stern look. “I know, dear. I was trying to be polite about it.”

    “Ah.” Sometimes he forgot. His mom was such a genteel soul, but she was also very astute.

    “Yes. Least said, and all that,” she said with a smile. “When are you expecting Smoke?”

    He smiled, relieved to be back on safer ground. “When did you start calling him that?”

    His mom shrugged. “I’m trying it out. It’s what Laura and all his friends in Summer Lake call him. I like it. I think it suits him.”

    “I suppose it does, but I think he’ll always be Cole to me.”

    “He’ll always be your brother, that’s what matters, no matter what name you call him by.”

    “That’s true. He said he’d be here at six. I checked the flight tracker before I left the office, and he hadn’t taken off yet. I hope he’ll be on time.”

    “Let’s go check, shall we?”

    Cameron followed her through to the kitchen where she had her laptop set up on the counter. He smiled. “You’ve been checking already, haven’t you?”

    She nodded sheepishly. “I do like to use the flight tracker whenever I know he’s in the air.”

    “So what time will he be here?”

    “Right on time, according to this.”

    ~ ~ ~

    Piper and Laura followed the server to their table. They took their seats out on the deck which sat directly above the lake. This place was so beautiful. She’d only been here a couple of days, but Piper had already fallen in love with Summer Lake.

    Once they’d ordered their drinks, Laura smiled at her. “What are you looking so happy about?”

    “Just about being here. I don’t know. This time last week I was stuck in a rut, fed up with work, fed up with my life in general, and now, here I am.” She looked around. “Isn’t it funny how one spontaneous decision can shake things up so much? If you’d told me then that I’d be here in this beautiful place with my best friend, I wouldn’t have believed you. But I am here, and instead of feeling stuck, I feel like life is opening up for me again.”

    “It is, or at least you’re seeing all the possibilities now. Nothing’s changed except your attitude. You believed you were stuck, so you acted like you were stuck. You’re not, though. If you wanted to, you could jump out of your rut completely. You could move here, get a new job. Do whatever you want.”

    Piper pursed her lips. “I know you keep saying that, but …”

    “But nothing. If you want it, you can make it happen.”

    “I suppose.” Piper smiled at the server when he came back with their drinks.

    “Sorry. I don’t mean to push,” said Laura. “I’d just love to see you happy—that’s all. Well, that, and the fact that, selfishly, I’d love it if you moved here.”

    “I don’t know.” Piper looked around. “I think I need to get out of my mental rut a bit more before that seems possible.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean, look at this place. Look at the people. You’re all so California beautiful. I don’t feel like I fit in.” Laura scowled at her, making her laugh. “Okay, I’m not that bad. I’m just not used to it. You know me, I’m more used to wearing a pilot’s uniform than getting dressed up. I feel as though I’d have to become someone else if I were to move here.”

    “You would not! That’s silly.”

    “I know.” Piper shrugged. “I think I’m just making excuses.”

    “It sounds like you are. That’s just the part of you that’s afraid to make such a big change. You’re looking for all the reasons not to when you should be looking at all the reasons why it could be great for you.”

    “You’re right. As always. I think some part of me is looking for a change. I wouldn’t be here otherwise, would I?” She smiled and looked down at herself. She’d bought a whole bunch of clothes for this trip—pretty dresses included. “And I wouldn’t be dressed like this.”

    Laura nodded. “I know. You look amazing.”

    “Thanks. You really think so?”

    “I know so. Didn’t you notice how many heads turned as you went by?”

    Piper smiled. “I did, but I’m just not used to that. You know me—always the tomboy. I’m more at home in boots and jeans than skirts and dresses.”

    “Well, I think you should change that. You’ve said you’re ready for a change, so go for it. Change your wardrobe, change your job.” Laura smiled. “Change where you live. I still think you should move out here.”

    Piper looked around the deck of the restaurant and then out at the lake which was turning crimson and gold with the reflections of the setting sun. “The more time I spend here, the more appealing that idea becomes, but there’s one slight problem. I don’t have a job here. There’s nothing I could do here unless I wanted to change my career as well as everything else. My career is the one thing I feel I got right in life, even if I couldn’t take it as far as I’d like to.”

    Laura shrugged. “Maybe there is something you could do here. I mean, no, there aren’t any cargo airlines based here, but there is an airport and a flight school and a private jet charter company, and I know a guy. I have connections.” She grinned.

    “No, I couldn’t ask your Smoke for a job. That wouldn’t be right.”

    “Why not? That’s what friends do. They use their connections to help each other out.”

    “No, leave it, Laura. I do need to make changes, I do need to find a new job, but I need to figure it out for myself, not just lean on you to help me out.”

    “Okay, whatever you say. I’m just being selfish. I’d like to have you here.”

    “Thanks.” She looked up as Ben, the guy who owned the place, approached their table.

    “Evening, ladies. Do you need menus?”

    “No, thanks, Ben,” said Laura. “At least not yet. We said we’d meet Smoke and Cameron here for dinner, but I don’t know how long they’ll be.”

    Ben smiled. “No problem.” He looked at Piper. “Is Cameron your husband?”

    She laughed. “No, I’ve never met him.”

    “He’s Smoke’s brother,” added Laura.

    “Of course, I knew that.” He nodded. “That’s awesome! He hasn’t been up here yet, has he?”

    “No, this is his first visit.”

    Ben grinned. “That’s so cool. Can I get you fresh drinks while you wait?”

    Once he’d gone, Piper raised an eyebrow at Laura. “His brother has never been to visit before?”

    “No, it’s a long and complicated story. The short version is that Smoke and his family didn’t speak for years, and now they’re getting back on good terms with each other.”

    “Wow. I’m glad they are. I can’t imagine having family who you don’t speak to. I only had my mom, and now I’ve got no one.”

    Laura looked sad. “I wish you’d give some thought to staying here. You’d have so many people if you did.”

    Piper sighed. “Maybe I will, I don’t know. At least I know I’ve got you.”

    “You’ll always have me, but it would be nice to see you more than once every few years.”

    “It would.”

    Piper smiled as Laura’s friend Kenzie approached their table. Kenzie was just one of Laura’s many friends she’d met in the few days she’d been here. She had to wonder what her life might be like if she moved here—if all those people would become her friends, too.

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