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A Little Rain Must Fall - Summer Lake Silver Book 3 (ebook)

A Little Rain Must Fall - Summer Lake Silver Book 3 (ebook)

Sweet n Steamy Romance

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 496+ 5-Star Reviews

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You may have heard the line ‘Into each life some rain must fall.’ It’s true for every one of us. We’ve all lived through some hard times, but they don’t have to destroy us. It’s what we do after the rain that determines whether we allow ourselves to find happiness again.

Ted and Audrey have both known the rain. In fact, they’ve each weathered their fair share of storms.

Audrey’s thirty-year marriage ended when her husband traded her in for someone the same age as their children. It’s taken her a few years since then, but she’s finally ready to step out and become a new version of herself.

Ted’s moved on and built himself a good life after the storm that devastated his world many years ago. He’s rich and successful; he’s rebuilt the bond with his son and his family. Life is good, and at his age, he’s not even looking for great.

When these two meet, they bring a ray of sunshine into each other’s lives. But will another storm threaten their new-found happiness?

Grab your copy of this heart-warming romance today and follow these two fifty-somethings as they discover that ‘behind the clouds the sun is still shining.’

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A Little Rain Must Fall is the third book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit Summer Lake Silver series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 

Readers say:

"This is a book that you won't be able to put down. I highly recommend it."

"I loved every minute of their story and hated for it to end."

"SJ McCoy has a way of drawing you in so deep, and stealing your heart in the process with all her stories." 

"If you don't believe in the magic of Summer Lake, you will once you read this book or any of the others in the series. You'll feel like you're part of the group & these are your friends."

"This series makes you believe that it’s never too late to find the love and life you deserve!"

"As with all of SJ books, I didn't want it to end. ❤️❤️❤️"

"What a ride!!!"

"This story is such a feel good romance kind of book. I didn't think I would like the silver series because I'm 31 and the couples in these books are my parents age but they've captured my heart and I can't wait to read more of them."

"I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good steamy romance. I could not put it down and finished it in just a few hours!

    Chapter One Look Inside

    Chapter One

    Audrey checked the mirror on the back of the door before she opened it. Ugh. She normally wouldn’t set foot out in public looking like this. Her hair was pulled up into a messy bun, her eyes gave away the fact that she’d only had a few hours’ sleep, and her sweat suit wasn’t going to fool anyone into thinking that she was on her way to an early morning workout at the hotel gym.

    Oh well. She made a face at herself, which at least brought a smile. She was a woman with priorities. And her priority at this moment was coffee. She didn’t understand why otherwise wonderful hotels such as this only provided two cups’ worth. It wasn’t their fault, she reminded herself as she opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. She was fully aware of the situation and normally carried her own supplies. She could picture her travel pack of Peet’s sitting on the counter at home. She’d had it all ready to pack, but then Izzy had shown up, and in her usual whirlwind fashion had hurried Audrey out, chiding her that she didn’t need to over-prepare.

    She stabbed at the button to summon the elevator. Izzy would no doubt be sleeping blissfully for another few hours. She stepped into the elevator and rode down to the lobby. It was only five-twenty, but there had to be fresh coffee around somewhere. And if there wasn’t, she’d find someone to make some, or if all else failed, drive until she found a convenience store!

    The girl at the front desk greeted her with a cheery smile. “Good morning.”

    “Morning.” Audrey was still reserving judgment about whether it qualified as good. “Where can I get coffee?”

    “The dining room doesn’t open for a little while yet, but—”

    Audrey felt her lips press together.

    The girl smiled. “But I just brewed a fresh pot. I’ll bring it out.”

    Audrey smiled back at her. “You’re an angel.”

    She laughed. “No. Angel’s the general manager; I’m Roxy.”

    She went into the office and came back out pushing a cart with the promised pot of coffee and a jug of cream and sugar packets and all the other unnecessary things people used to contaminate their caffeine.

    Audrey poured herself a mug and breathed in before she took a sip.

    “Do you need—?”

    She shook her head. “I have what I need.”

    Roxy laughed. “In that case, I’ll be quiet. I think silence is one of the most important accompaniments to the first cup of the day.”

    Audrey smiled. “You’re good, Roxy. I’ll find you to thank you properly when I’m feeling more human. When are you on again?”

    “Not until Monday. I don’t normally work nights anymore; I’m just covering.”

    “Well, I hope you enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you Monday. I’m here for the week.”

    “I’ll look forward to it. Enjoy your coffee and have a lovely stay. But …” Roxy frowned and held up a finger, implying Audrey should wait while she went back into the office. She returned with a travel mug and filled it up. Then she put the lid on and handed it over along with a bag containing several of the coffee pods for the in-room coffee maker. “You can give the mug back to me on Monday.”

    “I say again, you’re an angel.”

    The phone rang and Roxy gave her an apologetic shrug. Audrey was happy to leave her to get on with it.

    Instead of heading straight back to the elevator, she wandered around the ground floor. She liked to get her bearings wherever she stayed, but Izzy had been in such a hurry to drop their things in their rooms and then get out and look around when they’d arrived last night that she hadn’t had time to explore the lodge.

    She stuck her head around the door of the business center. Hopefully, she wouldn’t need to use it, but knowing her, she would. It surprised her; it looked as though it had everything a person could need, and yet, it didn’t feel sterile or even office like.

    She smiled to herself as she closed the door and took another sip of her coffee before continuing on to take a look at the workout room. She didn’t have any great expectations, and it wasn’t an issue. If there was an elliptical, she’d be happy. She’d brought her mat and could do yoga in her room. She stopped at the glass door and was impressed by what she saw. There was all the standard gym equipment and more: a row of ellipticals, stationary bikes, treadmills, and rowing machines. There were also free weights and benches and a matted area large enough for group classes. She nodded to herself and took another drink of her coffee.

    She almost choked on it when she realized that she was smiling and nodding through the door, and that a man was sitting pedaling away on one of the bikes, smiling back at her. It was amazing how the mind only saw what it expected to. She’d expected the place to be empty, so hadn’t noticed him sitting there in plain sight—no doubt watching her as she gawked and nodded to herself!

    She forced herself to smile politely back at him and as she did, she wondered how she could have missed him before. A little shiver ran down her spine. She’d always had a thing for guys who worked out—more because of what it said about their personality than what it did for them physically. Though, she couldn’t deny that had its benefits—especially in his case.

    Her gaze locked with his, sending more shivers down her spine. He was older—older than her, even, and that was saying something. But there was a vitality about him—in his eyes—not just in the way his muscled legs pumped the pedals. She had to reel her wayward imagination in before it could go off and play with ideas of his muscular legs … and arms … and him pumping …

    She raised her mug to him before turning away and hurrying back to the elevator. Maybe Izzy was right. Maybe she needed to start dating again. It’d been a long time since she’d been with a man. She’d thought that Richard might have put her off for life but, she smiled to herself as she stepped into the elevator, she had a feeling that the guy in the gym could persuade her to change her mind if he were so inclined.

    ~ ~ ~

    Ted sucked in big breath of fresh air. It felt so good. There was something about the air up here that was unlike anything he’d experienced anywhere else. It smelled of pine and mountains, but he wouldn’t describe it as mountain air. Something about the lake made it different. He lifted his gaze and looked out at the lake as he made his way down the path to the shore. This had become his routine whenever he came here—his early morning workout in the lodge’s gym, followed by a shower and a light breakfast at the café in the plaza and then this treat—his walk on the beach.

    It would be more convenient to stay on the other side of the lake, at the resort. That’d be closer to his son, Eddie. But he didn’t want to be on their doorstep. He was so grateful that Eddie and April had allowed him into their life to the extent that they had. He knew he didn’t deserve it, and he didn’t want to overstep any boundaries. He went to their house whenever they invited him. He hung out with his grandson, Marcus, as much as possible. He smiled to himself. Technically, Marcus wasn’t his grandson; he was April’s child, not Eddie’s—at least, not by birth. But to Marcus, and to him, he was Granddad. And that was all that mattered.

    He pulled his cell phone out of his back pocket when it rang and answered without even checking the display. It was seven in the morning; his partner called him at this time every day.

    “Buenos días, mi amigo.”

    Diego laughed. “Good morning, to you. I take it you slept well, and are out for your walk?”

    “That’s right. How about you?”

    “I’ve done my work for the day. Now I get to hang out with Zack until Maria finishes work.”

    “That’s good.” Diego and his son Zack had been estranged for many years. Not as long as Ted and Eddie, and for very different reasons, but Ted was glad that his friend was enjoying being part of family life now in the same way that he was.

    “I think so. And you?”

    “I’m waiting to hear what the plan is for the day.”

    “Will I see you at the Boathouse this evening?”

    “I think so. Eddie said that it’ll be very busy tonight because they have a big party. I don’t like that idea, but I do love to see him play.”

    “We can find a quiet spot at the end of the bar, I’m sure. We can sit and drink like the pair of old farts that we are.”

    Ted had to laugh. “Because of course, you’re such a quiet and reserved character and sitting quietly at the end of the bar is your idea of fun.”

    Diego laughed with him. “Or perhaps, I’m only trying to make it sound more appealing to you. I’m going, but I don’t want to hang myself around the young people’s necks. I’d rather see what mischief we can get into.”

    Ted pursed his lips. Diego loved his mischief as he called it. He loved the ladies—and they loved him. The two of them still had a lot of fun, at home in Orange County. It was different here, though. Here at Summer Lake, he wanted to be the father and grandfather who his son could respect—not chase women with Diego.

    Diego sighed. “Okay. Okay. I’ll behave. We shall be the respectable, older generation—but you owe me a night out when we go home.”

    Ted laughed. “Deal. You know I don’t want to spoil your fun, it’s just …”

    “No need to explain, Edward. No need. We want to be men they can look up to, not degenerates they’re embarrassed by.”

    “Something like that. Anyway, do you have anything interesting to tell me on the work front?”

    “All quiet. Everything is as it should be. No surprises. We’re good to relax until Monday.”

    “I’m glad to hear it. I’ll check in with you later.”

    “And I’ll see you at the Boathouse, if not before.”

    “Okay. See you then.”

    He put his phone back into his pocket and shrugged a little deeper into his jacket. Spring was in the air, but it was still colder here than at home. He caught a glimpse of movement in the sky and looked up to see an eagle flying overhead. It made him smile. It made him want to stay here. This was a good place. Laguna Beach wasn’t a bad place—far from it. It was the kind of place that said you’d made it, and Ted knew that he had. But he wasn’t even sure what that term meant to him anymore. He’d made it financially—more than made it. But what did that really mean? He turned and started back toward the lodge, fully aware that that was the kind of question you could only ponder once you were there.

    He’d spent years of his life—decades—pursuing success. Now he had it, and he was proud of himself, proud of all he’d achieved. But more and more lately, he stopped to wonder what it was all worth. He knew that, given the choice, he’d trade it all and come and live here simply, close to his son and the boy he called his grandson.

    ~ ~ ~

    “Oh, look at you!” Izzy exclaimed when she opened her door to Audrey. “Let me guess. You’ve been up since the crack of sparrow fart, working?”

    Audrey laughed. “I woke up early, yes. But I’ve not been working. I took a little walk.”

    Izzy shuddered as she led her into the room. “Saturday mornings are for sleeping in and relaxing.”

    “Taking a walk is relaxing for me.”

    “True. At least you’re not working. That’s something.”

    “I thought you might be proud of me.”

    Izzy went and flopped down on the unmade bed. “Sorry. I am. I just want to see you relaxed and happy.”

    “I am. If you judge by my standards and not yours.”

    Izzy gave her a rueful smile. “Are you trying to tell me that I have low standards?”

    “I wouldn’t dare. Though, if I were to imply such a thing, I might bring up Rafa as an example.”

    Izzy threw a pillow at her and laughed. “I wondered how long it’d take. You’re right, of course. If I were trying to uphold some kind of standard, then I would never allow Rafa to darken my door. But, sweet Audrey, I’m not. I’m just having a little fun. If you could learn to do the same …”

    Audrey blew out a sigh. “You know full well, I’m not into—”

    “I didn’t mean if you could learn to bonk your personal trainer!” Izzy laughed. “I’ve given up on trying to get you interested in the male of the species. I just meant if you could learn to have a little fun.”

    “Sorry. I didn’t mean to jump down your throat. And to tell you the truth …”


    “Nothing. Well, actually, no. I’ll tell you. You shouldn’t give up on me and men. I was thinking about that this morning. Thinking that maybe you’re right.”

    Izzy’s eyes widened and she leaned forward eagerly. “And what made you think about that? You shut me down whenever I try to.”

    Audrey couldn’t hide her smile. “Don’t laugh at me. You’ll think it’s pathetic. But I went downstairs this morning in search of coffee. I was checking the place out—”

    “As you do.”

    “Yes. And I went to look at the workout room.”

    “Ooh! And you saw a hot, young body you’d like to work out with?”

    Audrey had to laugh. “You’re so bad. I saw a very attractive man. But, no, he wasn’t a young body.”

    Izzy’s smile faded. “I’ve told you; you don’t have to resign yourself to men our age and older, you know. We’re living in the modern age—this is the era of the cougar. As long as you’re in decent shape—and you’re in great shape—the younger guys are all about it.”

    “Do you want me tell you or not?”

    Izzy laughed. “Yes. Sorry, go on. What was he like? What happened?”

    “He was … I don’t know … sexy … in a very manly way.” She didn’t miss the expression on her friend’s face. “Don’t look at me like that. I don’t know how else to say it. I know you like them younger, and that’s fine for you. But I appreciate a real man.”

    “And you don’t think Rafa’s a real man?” She waggled her eyebrows.

    “Of course, I do. In a testosterone-driven, young buck kind of way. This guy was obviously older, still in great shape and … I don’t know how to describe it, but I don’t suppose it matters. It’s not about him; it’s about the effect he had on me. He sent shivers down my spine—reminded me how that felt. I suppose you could say that he woke something in me, something that I thought had died after the divorce, but apparently, it was only dormant.”

    For once, Izzy looked serious. “That’s wonderful, Audrey. I want to find him and—”

    “Didn’t you hear me? It’s not about him.”

    “Give me a chance? I want to find him and thank him for doing something that I haven’t been able to.”

    “What’s that?”

    “Reminding you that you’re still a woman. A beautiful, sensual woman.”

    Audrey smiled. “I don’t know about that, but thank you.”

    “You are beautiful, you know.”

    “Of course, I am. Every woman is beautiful in her own way.”

    “I don’t just mean the feelgood crap we spout to make ourselves feel better. I mean in an objective way. You’re a beautiful woman.”

    Audrey stared out of the window for a few moments before looking back at her friend. “Thank you. Richard … the way things went … it made me feel …” She didn’t know how to put it into words, and she wasn’t sure she even wanted to.

    She should have remembered that she didn’t need to. Izzy scowled the way she did whenever Richard’s name came up. “You know what I think of him, so I won’t go there. What I will say is that after what he did, it’s no surprise that you stopped seeing yourself as desirable and beautiful. But honestly, Audrey, it’s time for you to get over it, and I think this weekend is the perfect chance.”

    Audrey made a face. “I wish he wasn’t coming.”

    “Or that he had the decency not to bring her.”

    Audrey shrugged. “She’s his wife now. He’s hardly going to leave her at home, is he?”

    Izzy opened her mouth, but then closed it again quickly.

    She didn’t need to say the words. Audrey knew she was about to remind her that he’d left her at home often enough in all the years they’d been married—and especially the last few.

    “Anyway. Let’s not think about him before we have to. What’s happening today? Are we doing anything with the kids or just meeting up with them tonight?”

    “I told Ally to call me if there’s anything I can do, but other than that, we’ll just see them tonight.”

    Izzy nodded, and Audrey knew that she was feeling sorry for her.

    She smiled brightly. “Don’t look like that. It’s their thirtieth birthday. I’m happy that they want me here at all. I’m happy that they’re still so close that they want a joint birthday party.”

    “I know. It’s wonderful, and we should focus on that. It’s better than them expecting you to organize it all for them. This way we’re free to spend the day doing whatever we please. I’d love to explore the shopping plaza. I read that there’s a wonderful clothing store—Hayes—over there. Maybe we can find you a gorgeous dress to wear tonight—something that’ll make you feel beautiful.”

    “Maybe we should. I brought a nice black dress with me.”

    Izzy rolled her eyes. “No comment. But can we at least go and take a poke around in Hayes? There might be something that’s perfect. And you never know, we might run into your sexy old man from the gym.”

    Audrey had to laugh. “I didn’t say he was an old man.”

    “Sorry. Yes. Older, not old.”

    Audrey nodded. She didn’t need to say it. It hung in the air; the stark contrast between her being attracted to an older man and Richard now being married to a much younger woman.

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