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[PREORDER] The Cowboy’s Unshakeable Love - MacFarland Ranch Book 8 (ebook)[PREORDER]

[PREORDER] The Cowboy’s Unshakeable Love - MacFarland Ranch Book 8 (ebook)[PREORDER]

Sweet n Steamy Romance

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Book Eight in the MacFarland Ranch series, The Cowboy’s Unshakeable Love, is Travis and Retta’s love story.

Travis left Montana years ago, along with Cash and Mav MacFarland and a bunch of their friends. After serving in the Navy together, he stuck with Cash and Mav when they set up their own private security company.

His last few visits back to Paradise Valley have made him wonder if it’s time to come home. He’s the life-and-soul-of-the-party kind of guy and ever since he first met Retta, he can’t help but think that he might be ready to turn his life into a private party for two.

Retta Rayne lives with a lot of regrets. She couldn’t be prouder of her daughter, Callie, but she wishes that she’d been able to give her a better childhood. As far as Retta’s concerned, Callie’s successful in spite of her – even though Callie says it’s because of her.

All that matters is that Callie’s built a great life. Yes, she’s made a name for herself as one of country music’s biggest names, but more importantly, she’s found a good man in Kolby MacFarland. He’s made her part of his family and given her the kind of love Retta always wanted for her.

Although Retta’s happy that her daughter’s found love, she’s under no illusions that she might do the same – she gave up on that idea years ago. Sure, Travis Duke – one of Kolby’s brother’s friends - is charming, and sexy, and funny and … everything she ever used to want in a man. But her days of wanting a man are in the past.

She had her chances, and she messed them up. Now that her daughter is happy and settled, Retta’s content to live out a quiet little life alone.

Travis has other ideas for her, though, and there is nothing quiet - or little - about that man!

Expected Release Date: Nov 15, 2024

ATTENTION: This is a preorder! The book will be delivered on (or maybe even before 😉) release day. PLEASE BE ADVISED, you will be charged when you purchase, NOT when the book is delivered. Thanks! 

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The Cowboy’s Unshakeable Love will be the eighth book in the MacFarland Ranch series. 

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