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Dream Like Nothing's Impossible - Summer Lake Book 10 (ebook)

Dream Like Nothing's Impossible - Summer Lake Book 10 (ebook)

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Book 10 in the Summer Lake Romance series.

April brought her son Marcus to Summer Lake to escape their old life--to escape her ex husband, Guy. She's spent the last couple of months building a new life. It might not seem like she has much. She has a job at the bakery, they live in a little rented house, but as far as April's concerned she has everything she needs. She has Marcus and she has her freedom.

And she has a little crush, too, on Eddie, the drummer with the band at the resort. She knows it's crazy, what would a guy like him see in a woman like her? When he asks if she'd like to spend some time with him, she knows it's only because all their friends are coupled up. It's not much fun being single at the lake, so if the two of them can help each other out, then why not?

Eddie's tired of the life he's been living. He's done the partying and the groupies, and they were never really his thing anyway, they just went with the lifestyle. These days he'd rather hang out at his house on the water, he'd rather fish from the dock or just chill than party. He'd rather get to know April, but he knows a girl like her wouldn't be interested in a guy like him. Still, Eddie made a promise to her son that he'd teach him to play guitar. The little dude seems to have lived through enough disappointment in his life already. Eddie doesn't intend to let him down, and if that means he gets to hang out with April, too, then everybody wins, right?

These two are both ready to take their lives in a new direction, but before they can they'll each have to break free of the past.

This book is intended for readers aged 18+ 

Readers say:

"Another FANTASTIC addition to this series!!!!"

"SJ's perfect penmanship, great character development and humor, makes all of her books a real joy to read. They also are very heart-warming books. The kind that will keep with you for days after you finish reading, or if you're anything like me....even longer."

"I fell in love with Eddie. Strong, sexy, thoughtful and kind. April was sweet and feisty and a great mom. Together they were perfect.

Dream Like Nothing's Impossible is the tenth book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit Summer Lake Romance series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 

"A beautiful, heartwarming story with some heat and angst and a happily ever after. SJ McCoy is now an auto-buy for me. Love her work."

"Oh my goodness, she has done it again another fantastic book. S.J. McCoy has an amazing writing style that makes you invested in the story."

"SJ McCoy writes the best romance stories I've ever read. Her books are one of the few that I can read more than once ( honestly this is the 3rd or 4th time I've read this one). You can't go wrong with ANY book by this author."

"I absolutely love this series...I never want the story to end!"

"I love McCoy's books, because I feel like I'm sitting right next to my friends sharing life's journey wherever they go. Get lost for a few hours with your friends from Summer Lake or the Remington's in Montana... Like true friends where you pick up where you left off, where no time as passed! Enjoy!"

"Another wonderful treat from SJ McCoy that you can sink your teeth into. When I see this author's name on the upcoming book, it a no brainer for me. I automatically hit that buy button, with no hesitation what-so-ever. Why? Because I always know that I can count on her to keep me thoroughly entertained for hours on end. She has hasn't disappointed me yet, and I expect she never will.

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