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Dance Like Nobody's Watching Summer Lake - Summer Lake Book 3 (ebook)

Dance Like Nobody's Watching Summer Lake - Summer Lake Book 3 (ebook)

Sweet n Steamy Romance

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Missy Malone has had a great summer, watching her friends meet wonderful guys and fall in love. She even has a wonderful guy in her own life. Trouble is, he's only in her life to mentor her son, Scot. She just has to stop daydreaming that he could be as good for her as he is for Scot. What would he ever see in her anyway? She's a broke single mom who talks too much, while he's a quiet, shy, tech genius. And besides...he has a girlfriend!

On paper, Dan Benson has a great life in San Jose. His software development company, his penthouse apartment, his car, and his girlfriend are all supposed to make him feel happy and successful. None of them do. Until he started visiting Summer Lake, he'd always been more comfortable around computers than people. These days he's comfortable hanging out with his brother, Jack, and his friends. He feels successful when he's helping Scot. Most of all, he's happier than he's ever been, when he can spend time with Missy.

Will the attraction between them be enough to overcome the differences and obstacles that stand in their way?

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Dance Like Nobody's Watching is the third book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit Summer Lake Romance series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 

Readers say:

"I am totally in love with Summer Lake and it's whole fun loving cast of characters."

"This Summer Lake Series is as phenomenal. Take yourself on a delightful trip and explore this series for yourself."

"A must read!!!!!" 

"This will make you laugh, cry and smile! A love story of two lost souls finding their forever love. A fantastic series!"

"I absolutely adore this series."

"SJ you did it again! I am so addicted to these people I can never get enough! These two are so cute together! Love this whole series!"

"Sweet, awesome, enjoyable. Can't wait for the next book!"

"Another great story!!"

"I would give them 10 stars if I could, lol.

    Chapter One Look Inside

    Chapter One

    Missy heaved the vacuum cleaner into the back of her minivan and sat down next to it for a minute. She was worn out. Another cabin cleaned, another day done. She stared out at the late afternoon sun sparkling on the lake and smiled. She might be exhausted, but she was paying the bills. If she kept picking up cleaning contracts the way she had been doing, she might soon be able to hire someone to help. It was the tail end of the busy tourist season now though. Maybe it would be best to wait ’til next year, even if it did mean she had to keep working every minute she could. At least every minute that she wasn't with Scot.

    He was away overnight with the Robotics Club. They had made it to state finals. He'd been so excited to go. Missy had wanted to chaperone, but had decided to be brave and stay home when she'd heard him chattering with his friend about how cool it would be to be off on their own. He was growing up. She didn't want to be that mom who was always hovering. Still, it was hard.

    She closed the back of the minivan and got in. The cabin she'd just finished cleaning was way up in the foothills on the Eastern shore of Summer Lake. It would take her a good half hour to get back down into town. For once she would have an evening home alone. It had been so long she wasn't even sure what to do with it. She'd been so tired lately; she had an idea that it might involve an early night.

    She jumped when her cell phone rang and the sound came through the car speakers. She'd never had one of those hands free set-ups, never really wanted one, but last weekend Scot and Dan had rigged something up so that her phone synced with the stereo system. She swiped to answer.


    Holly's voice filled the van. “Hey, Miss. How you doing, sweetie?”

    “Hey, Holly. I'm good, thanks. How about you?”

    “Great. Listen, will you meet us for dinner at the Boathouse? The guys are all pumped up after a big meeting about Four Mile. Em's in LA this weekend and I could use some female company to dilute the testosterone.”

    Missy laughed. “So, the three musketeers are full of themselves, are they?”

    “You would not believe the way they carry on. They're driving me crazy! Say you'll come down. I don't want to be the lone female and besides, I haven't seen you in weeks.”

    Missy sighed. She’d been working so much she hadn't had much chance to catch up with her friends lately. “Sorry, hon, but Scot's away tonight and I've got dinner for one and an early night with my name written all over them.”

    “You don't have to stay late. Just come for a while. Do us both a favor. Please?”

    Missy thought about it. She had to eat and she sure didn't feel like cooking just for herself. “Okay then, but I'm not staying long. What time?”

    “Yay! We're heading down there in a few, so as soon as you're ready.”

    “Okay, I'll get there when I can. It'll be good to see you.”

    “You too. See you there.”

    Ah, well. It would be good to see the gang. It was a pity Dan wouldn't be there. She had to stop thinking like that though. He had a girlfriend. She was lucky that he spent as much time as he did with Scot. The two of them spent most of their weekends writing computer programs and building robots. She smiled to herself. She was grateful that Dan had taken such an interest in her son. Scot had come out of his shell these last few months. What she had to do was stop hoping that Dan would take an interest in her, too. She'd never seen the appeal in the sexy nerd type ’til she'd met Jack's younger brother. She sure understood it now. Unfortunately for her, his business partner's sister had always seen the appeal and had laid claim to him years ago. She wrinkled her nose. What could she expect him to see in her anyway? A single mom who cleaned other people's houses to scrape out a living. It was pointless to keep daydreaming about him.

    She pulled out onto the South Shore road and joined the traffic heading into town. Tourist season might be winding down, but the weekends were still quite busy. There would no doubt be quite a crowd at the Boathouse tonight. She pulled into her driveway and smiled at the sight of Dan's huge RV parked behind the house. It was massive. It probably had more livable square feet than her house did. Hell, it was probably worth more than her house. These days all Dan used it for was to store computer equipment that he and Scot were working on.

    After a quick shower, she sat in front of the mirror putting her makeup on. Normally she wouldn't bother with much for a night like this, but those dark circles under her eyes needed some help. She chuckled to herself, wondering if it was physically possible to apply mascara without sticking your tongue out. Impressed with the lift her makeup gave her, she decided to wear the new top her brother had sent as an early birthday present. Once she was done, she was pleased with the result. No one would ever guess how tired she felt from the way she looked. She closed up the house and set out to walk the five minutes to the resort.

    “Hey, Miss!” As she entered the restaurant, Ben called to her from behind the bar. “Come here, would you?” He let himself through and gave her a hug. “I haven't heard from you for days, bud. I was starting to get worried, and I've missed you in here.”

    Missy smiled. “I've missed you too, hon, but if you keep sending me places to clean—and don't you dare stop—this is how it's going to be.”

    “Yeah, we need to talk about that. I don't understand how you're doing it. I thought you would have hired people on by now. Have you figured out how to clone yourself or something?”

    She laughed at that. “I wish! If I could do that though, you know you'd be seeing more of me in here.”

    Ben put an arm around her shoulders. “Well, you're here now. That's what counts. I'm glad Holly talked you into it. Come on, she's out on the deck with Pete, and you're never going to believe who's with them.”

    He started walking her through the bar. She was grateful that he kept his arm around her. At her height, it could be difficult to push a path through a crowd. Since everyone in the place knew Ben as the owner of the resort, they made way for him to pass as they smiled and waved in greeting. When they reached the deck, she really couldn't believe her eyes. Holly and Pete sat talking with one of her favorite people in the world.


    At the sound of his name, he jumped up from the table and picked her up off her feet to spin her around. She laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

    “Little Missy! You've still not had that growth spurt then?” As always, his Australian accent reminded her of how far this friend had drifted from Summer Lake.

    She slapped his arm. “Good things come in small packages. Now put me down!”

    “No chance, darl'.” He spun her around again, making her dizzy. “You're the best little package I've got my hands on in a long time. No way am I putting you down just yet.”

    “Michael Morgan, put me down!” She laughed and beat her fists against his chest as he wrapped both arms around her waist.

    “Can't make me!”

    “Can too!” She wriggled ’til he loosened his grip. She looked up into laughing green eyes as he let her slide to the floor.

    “Missy Malone, you are still the bossiest little critter I ever met.”

    She laughed. “You can bet your ass on that one, buddy.”

    Ben looked at Holly. “Can you imagine what it was like going to school with this bunch?”

    Holly laughed.

    “Yeah,” said Pete, “Especially these two. Missy Malone and Michael Morgan. Double trouble in the middle of roll call.

    “Hey, it was all her,” laughed Michael. “She was the ringleader. I just tagged along behind like a lovesick puppy.”

    Missy pushed him. “You! You were the one that caused all the trouble.” She turned to Holly. “Watch out for this one. Causes trouble wherever he goes, he does.” She looked back at Michael, “Anyway, what the hell are you doing here? Did they kick you out of Australia?”

    She noticed his eyes darken for a moment; an almost imperceptible shadow crossed his face before he laughed. “Nah, I just got bored of it. Was feeling homesick. Missing you, critter. And thinking about how much fun we had here as kids, I thought it'd be good for Ethan to spend some time here too.”

    “Oh, my God! Ethan's with you?”

    “He is, he's with my folks tonight, but I'd love to get him and Scotty together.”

    “Oh, we have to. Scot won't be back ’til late tomorrow night though. How long are you here for?”

    She watched Michael exchange a look with Pete before he replied. “That's a real good question, Miss. Hopefully it's for good.”

    “What? You're moving back here?” Michael had been a great friend, one of the gang, from kindergarten through high school. He'd gone to college in Australia and lived there ever since, though he came back at least once a year and brought his son, Ethan with him.

    “I'm thinking about it.” That shadow crossed his face again. She'd have to get him alone and ask what was going on. She knew him too well to question him in front of people. “We'll definitely be here ’til the holidays, so you'd better get used to it.” He picked her up again and swung her around.

    “Put me down!” she laughed.

    Michael plopped her down into a chair and drew up another for himself, as close as he could get it. “I'll put you down for now, critter, but we've got some catching up to do.” He winked at her then looked up at Ben. “So, is this everyone? You said Em's in LA?”

    “She is, but her husband Jack is on his way. He went to pick up his brother Dan at the airport.”

    Missy felt the familiar tingle of excitement at the mention of Dan’s name. “I thought Dan wasn't coming this weekend?”

    “So did he,” said Pete, “but with Em and Scot out of town, the Benson boys decided to get some brother time in. Jack sent Smoke to fly up to get Dan in the company jet this afternoon. In fact,” Pete peered across at the parking lot, “I think Jack just pulled up.”

    Missy leaned over the railing and craned her neck to see if she could see the truck.

    Michael wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her back into her seat. “Careful critter, we don't want you falling into the lake now.” He laughed.

    Missy laughed with him. “Okay, just keep your big hands to yourself, mister!” She scooted her chair further away from him, but he just moved his own so he was right next to her again, a big grin on his face. He rested an arm along the back of her chair.

    “I'm just looking out for you, darlin'. I've missed being your bodyguard.” He raised his eyebrows and cast an appreciative glance over her. I could get used to guarding that body.”

    “Michael Morgan, you are one big flirt! It never worked on me. What makes you think it's going to work now?”

    He dropped his arm to her shoulders and pulled her towards him. “Now, my little critter, I've got all the time in the world to work on it. You know you won't be able to resist a sustained charm offensive.”

    “Pete!” she laughed. “He's picking on me already. Make him stop!”

    Pete laughed. “Sorry, Miss. I never could make myself heard once you two start up. I'm staying out of it.”

    “See. Not even perfect Pete is going to stand in my way. There’s no escaping it. We were meant to be and I'm back to claim what's mine. He pulled her from her chair and into his lap. As she laughed and tried to get away, he planted noisy kisses on her cheek and the top of her head. Even though it was only Michael, it felt good to have a man's arms around her again. She just wished it were...Dan! As she wriggled to escape, she saw Dan and Jack approaching the table. Jack smiled, amused by their antics. Dan's face was completely still, his eyes fixed on her. He cocked his head to one side. She loved it when he did that. It was so damned sexy.

    Holly was the first to greet them. “Hey guys. Seems like there are more members to the original Summer Lake gang.”

    “Yeah,” said Ben. “Meet Michael, Missy's partner in crime. If Pete, Missy, Em and I were the gruesome foursome, then Missy and Michael were the terrible twins.”

    Missy slid back into her own chair, while Michael stood to shake hands. “Nice to meet you. I'm sorry I didn't make it to the wedding.”

    “No problem,” said Jack. “We didn't exactly give people much notice. I'm glad you're here now though. I know Em will be thrilled to see you.”

    Dan shook Michael’s hand and muttered a greeting. He looked put out. She had to stop imagining that it was about her. He had a girlfriend, for God's sake! Still though, his big brown eyes were fixed on her and she knew that look well enough to know there was a lot going on behind the serious face.

    “Now that we're all here, is anyone ready to eat?” asked Ben, tapping his menu. “I'm starving.”

    The others nodded their agreement and began to study their menus. Missy knew what she wanted and looked around at the others in amusement. They ate here often enough, they should know the menu by heart, but they all had their heads down. Except Dan. He was looking straight at her. She wished she could figure out what he was thinking. She smiled at him and was rewarded with his slow smile in return.

    “Did you hear about the first round of the robotics competition yet?” he asked.

    “No, Scot hasn’t checked in. I'm hoping he'll call, but he may forget.” Dan's eyes twinkled, sending a shiver of tingling excitement through her. She could stare into those eyes all day long. Preferably all night long when they twinkled like that. “Don't tell me he called you?”

    Long dark lashes lowered over his eyes for a moment and his hand came up to his face, rubbing the stubbly scruff she longed to feel against her skin. His slow smile spread. “Only because he needed help to figure out some adjustments.”

    “Yeah, right.” Missy laughed. “And I'll bet the two of you talked for twenty minutes and he told you all about what's going on?”

    Dan smiled. “Well, yeah. We did and he did.”

    Missy was happy that Scot was coming out of himself, voluntarily calling someone. He had always been more comfortable with computers than people. She didn't even mind that it wasn't her he wanted to talk to. She loved that they were so close, but knew it wasn't healthy for her to be his whole world. She couldn't believe how lucky they both were that he had Dan. “Come to the bar with me, and tell me what he said?” she asked. “While this bunch decides what they're eating. They can add my chicken sandwich to the order.”

    “And my burger,” said Dan as he sprang to his feet to follow her.

    ~ ~ ~

    Dan had been so excited to tell Missy about his phone call with Scot. He was thrilled that the kid had called, and had asked him to tell his mom how well the team was doing. He'd been glad that Scot was going off to the competition, but a little sad that it meant he'd have no reason to be in Summer Lake this weekend. When he'd talked to Jack yesterday, he had suggested Dan should come anyway. Some brother time would be good. Some alone time with Missy would be even better, if he could find a reason. She'd just given him one. He knew he shouldn't be taking every opportunity he could get to be around her, but he couldn’t help it. Seeing her with that Michael guy had dampened his excitement. It had stopped him dead, but it shouldn't have. It wasn't logical. He came up here to see Scot, not Missy. It wasn't reasonable of him to hate seeing her with another guy. She wasn't his and he was supposed to be with Olivia anyway. Unfortunately the logic and reason he usually relied on refused to kick in, in fact, it abandoned him when it came to the feisty little lady in front of him.

    His excitement had returned when she'd asked him to come inside with her. As he followed her through the crowded bar, his arm shot out just in time to stop a guy who was backing up and about to step on her. The place was heaving. She turned around to thank him and someone else pushed into her. She stumbled forwards. In a moment she was pressed against him, looking up into his eyes.

    His arms instinctively closed around her, holding her to him. He could feel every beat of his increased heart rate and knew exactly where all that blood was rushing to as he held her even closer than was necessary. Her full breasts felt warm and soft against his chest. Her arms came around his waist and she laughed up at him.

    “My hero! You saved me. Thank you.”

    With any other woman, he would think she was mocking him, but he knew Missy wouldn't do that. She understood him. Besides, from the way her pupils were dilated and from her increased heart rate that he could feel matching his own, he'd guess she felt this attraction the same way he did. But shit! What to do with it? For a moment he looked down into her gray eyes, savoring the feel of her in his arms.

    “Whenever you need a hero, call me. I'll save you any time.” Where the hell had that cheesy line come from? With a smile he forced himself to let her go. “How about you follow me?” He stepped in front of her and held his hand out behind him. She took hold of it and stayed close as he forged them a path through the crowd to the bar. Miraculously, there was one empty stool. He pulled it out for her to sit and stood close to shelter her from the jostling crowd.

    “It may take us a while to get served,” she said.

    He smiled. “That's okay. I'll catch you up on Scot while we wait.” From the look Ben had given him when they'd left the table, he'd guessed they'd probably have gotten a drink sooner by staying outside and letting Ben take care of it. Dan was more interested in getting a few moments alone with her than getting a drink, though. And getting her away from that Michael guy.

    “So what did he have to say?” she asked. “How are they doing?”

    “They're doing really well. They placed first in their section in the first round. He wanted me to help him get some modifications ready for round two in the morning. He said to tell you not to worry if he doesn't call ’til late. They're going to be working on the robot for another couple of hours yet. You know how that goes.”

    She laughed. He loved the way she laughed so much. “I'll be surprised if he calls at all. I do know how it goes. I've had his whole life to get used to it. And these last few months, while he's been working with you, I can see it's not just a Scot thing. You're just as bad.”

    It was weird. When Olivia said stuff like that to him, it felt like a criticism. When Missy said it, it made him smile. It felt like she understood him and, even better, that she liked him anyway. “It's called dedication, Miss. And you know, he gets so involved in what he's doing, he forgets all about time.” Dan had always been that way with his work, but now it was how he felt when he was with Missy. Time disappeared when he was with her. He felt guilty about making the comparison, but time dragged with Olivia. She talked so much. About things that didn't interest him. “You don't mind that he called me?”

    She put her hand on his shoulder and smiled. “Mind? Dan, you have no idea how glad I am that he called you. Thank you so much. I mean, of course I want to talk to him, and I did want to ask him about my laptop, but it can wait ’til he gets back.”

    “What's up with your laptop?”

    “It's frozen up again. He put some partition thing on it, and I keep doing something wrong. It only takes him two minutes to fix it, but I can't figure it out for the life of me.”

    “I could take a look at it.”

    “That'd be great, if you get chance.”

    “We could take a look after we've eaten if you like?” What was he saying? He'd come to see Jack. He could fix her laptop tomorrow. She was looking up at him. He had no clue what she was thinking. Was he being too pushy? Should he take it back?

    “That would be wonderful, thank you.”

    He grinned. Wonderful indeed. “Okay, well let's get these drinks and go eat, shall we?”

    ~ ~ ~

    Dan shifted in his seat in Jack's truck. No one had been up for a late night of it. They'd said goodbye to the others and Jack had offered to drop Missy off on the way home. Dan had been trying to figure out what to say to Jack. He hadn't figured it out yet, and now they were pulling up at Missy's place.

    “There you go, Miss. Was good to see you. Don't be a stranger. You'll have to bring Scotty up for dinner one night when Em's back.”

    “I'd love that. Thanks, Jack. Give Em a hug for me.”

    Jack grinned, “Oh, okay then. I think I can manage that.”

    Missy opened the door to get out. Dan had to say something now or he'd be riding away with Jack and kicking himself as he went. He looked at his brother. “I said I'd give Missy a hand with her computer. I'm going to stay here. I mean in the RV.” He hadn't known what reaction to expect, but it wasn't the one he got.

    A huge grin spread across Jack's face. “Great. Give me a shout in the morning. I'm beat, and now I get an early night without having to keep you entertained.”

    That was a lot easier than he'd feared. He looked at Missy, who had climbed down from the truck, then back at Jack. His brother raised his eyebrows and gave him a knowing smile. “Call me in the morning. We need to talk about this. In the meantime, have fun, little bro.”

    Dan grinned back at him. “Thanks, Jack. See you tomorrow.” He climbed down and waved as Jack drove away with a beep of his horn.

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