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Sing Like Nobody's Listening - Summer Lake Book 6 (ebook)

Sing Like Nobody's Listening - Summer Lake Book 6 (ebook)

Sweet n Steamy Romance

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Kenzie Reid is a survivor. She's been out on her own since she was seventeen years old. She may not have much to show for it, but she's made her own way in the world. Other than her sister, Megan, no one has ever cared whether she lived or died—not even her own parents.

When Kenzie visits Summer Lake to make sure Megan is okay there, the quaint little town threatens to cast its spell over her, too. The place has its attractions, not the least of which is Chase, the lead singer with the local band. Kenzie knows attraction doesn't last though and besides, she's not cut out for small town life.

Chase Harper lives a life many guys would envy. He sings in a band, hangs with his guys, can have any woman he wants—and usually does. When he meets Kenzie, he soon realizes he'd gladly give it all up. He believes what they have could be a one-of-a-kind, but first he'll have to convince her that it's more than just a one-off.

Will two people who weren't looking for a relationship learn to trust one another enough to make it work?

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Sing Like Nobody's Listening is the sixth book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit Summer Lake Romance series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 

Readers say:

"I just love, love, love this series. SJ McCoy writing and descriptions makes me want to move to Summer Lake and find a hot romance..."

"I am so addicted to this series, and can't seem to get enough. I love all of the people and the close camaraderie between all of these friends."

"This is a wonderful continuation to the Summer Lake Series. S J McCoy is an excellent storyteller and will have you begging for more." 

"I loved every sentence until the very end."

"Another great story by SJ McCoy. This whole series has captured my heart. I can't wait for more to come."

"I love love love this book! SJ McCoy you did it again. Great job!"

"Keep 'em coming SJ, because until we discover our own Summer Lake we can escape to yours for a hearty dose of romance."

"HOLY WOW!!! Another amazing read from SJ McCoy. She has taken her previous books and knocked them out of the park with this instalment. Her steamy scenes were not steamy, they were damn right scorching."

"Another great addition to this series full of love, friendship, trust, sexy summer lake men and a couple destined to be together even when they don't know it yet.

    Chapter One Look Inside

    Chapter One

    As Chase sang the final chorus of the last song in the set, he watched Emma, Holly and Laura make their way off the dance floor. He enjoyed having a gang of locals whom he knew would keep the dance floor busy whenever they came in. It didn't hurt that they were all so hot either. He enjoyed watching them. Watching from a distance was all he would do with those girls though. They were all spoken for. He'd tried making a move on Emma once and soon found out that she was with Jack, the guy she was now married to. Since then he'd learned to keep a more careful eye on the attractive women who came to dance—learned to check their moves off the dance floor as well as on it. These days he made sure they didn't have a guy in tow before he made any moves of his own. He'd also learned to identify the locals, and steered clear of them in favor of the tourists. There were plenty of single, available women passing through the resort. He usually managed to find one to keep him busy, sometimes one for each night on a busy weekend.

    He watched Emma and her friends settle down at one of the big picnic benches, surprised to see that their guys weren't out with them tonight. Ben, who owned the resort, made his way over to their table and leaned in to peck Emma on the cheek. He chatted with them for a few minutes then Emma stood and followed him inside.

    “I've got mine lined up,” said Robin as he pulled the strap over his head and rested his guitar against the monitor. “How about you? You've not got your eye on that Emma again have you? She might be out by herself, but you know you don't stand a chance.”

    Chase grinned and shook his head. “Nah. These days if I watch Emma it's because she's a friend. I want to make sure she's okay. I like Jack too much. I'd never make a move on her now, but that's not saying some other guy wouldn't. I'd have to see 'em off if they did.”

    Robin laughed. “Listen to you! You never would have cared before. What's happening to you? Are you getting old on me?”

    “It never would have mattered before, would it? Not when we were on the road. We would have been gone the next morning. I like it here; this is a good gig for us.” He laughed. “And you don't shit where you eat.”

    Robin laughed. “You've got a point there. Stick to the tourists, right? Well, I can probably spare you one if you want.” He jerked his head to where a group of girls were sitting watching them. He blew a kiss at a redhead who blew one right back and gave him a come-on smile. “She's dying to get me inside her panties and that little blonde with her has had her eye on you all night. She's a sure thing if you want it. I know you like your blondes.”

    Chase nodded but didn't reply. He was watching Emma, one of his favorite blondes, make her way back out to her friends. There were two more blondes following her. The first one he recognized; she'd been hanging out with the gang the last few weeks. He'd already figured out she'd hooked up with Michael, the Australian guy. The second one though? Holy shit! The second one had him hard just watching her walk. Maybe she was the first one's sister. They had the same long blonde hair and the same large rack. That was where the similarities ended though. The vibes they gave off were like night and day. The first one, who was now hugging the others, gave off nice girl. The other one, the one whose dress left nothing to the imagination, she gave off naughty. Chase could feel the pressure mounting in the front of his pants as he wondered just how naughty he could persuade her to be. He'd be damned if he wasn't going to find out!

    “Damn!” Robin had followed his gaze. “I know you like your blondes, but she's with the regulars. Weren't you just saying we don't do that?”

    Chase turned to him, unable to keep the grin off his face. “We try not to hit on the locals, but I am sooo doing that!”

    Robin laughed. “Looks like she's thinking the same thing.”

    Chase turned back to find the blonde's eyes on him. She held his gaze for a moment giving him a long smoldering look as she brought her drink to her mouth. Chase watched, entranced as her lips closed around the long neck of the bottle. The heat of the look she sent him as she tipped her head to take a drink sent strong ripples of desire racing through him. He narrowed his eyes and smiled back at her. If she were going to make suggestions like that, she'd better be prepared to make good on them. One of the other girls said something to her and she raised her bottle to him before turning away to join in the conversation.

    “Jesus!” Robin had watched the whole exchange. “You're going to have your hands full there, Chase.”

    Chase grinned. “Hell yeah! I can't wait to get my hands on that one. Looks like I'm in for a wild ride.”

    ~ ~ ~

    Kenzie was enjoying this evening. She was glad she and Megan had decided to come out. She'd been expecting Summer Lake to be a dead-end town with nothing going on. She was very pleasantly surprised when Megan brought her to the resort for dinner. The restaurant and bar were full and had a great atmosphere. The band was playing and people were dancing out here on the deck over the lake. The guy who owned the place—Ben—was hot. She'd already decided she wouldn't set her sights on him though. He was her sister's friend. That was enough to put him off limits, but even apart from that, he seemed like a really nice guy. She didn't do nice guys. She cast a glance back at the lead singer as the band started up again. Now he was the kind of guy she did do! His shaggy light brown hair was a little long, his face covered with a light, sexy scruff—and his body? Damn! His black T-shirt clung to a lean torso, strong arms wrapped around his guitar as he strummed. As he turned and walked to the back of the stage, she couldn't help but admire the way his jeans hung low on his hips and showed off a great ass. There was nothing nice about him. Every step he took, every move he made gave off a clear message—he was a predator. He knew what he had going on, he knew women wanted it, and he was prepared to let a lucky few have it. She smiled as he caught her eye and raised an eyebrow. She gave the slightest nod. As his lips curved up into a smile, she couldn't help chuckling to herself. If he thought she was prey he had another thing coming.

    “So how long are you here for?”

    She smiled at Holly. “Just the weekend. I came to see how Megan is settling in and to check out this Michael guy she's been seeing. Do you know him?” As appealing as that singer was, she was here on much more important business. She needed to make sure that Megan wasn't getting herself into a bad situation.

    “Oh, you'll love him,” Emma chimed in. “I've known him forever. He's a genuinely decent guy.” She smiled at Megan. “And he is head over heels in love with his little Meggie.”

    Kenzie smiled seeing the way her sister blushed. It seemed perhaps she really had gotten the wrong impression of Michael earlier. People only had good things to say about him. She certainly hoped Megan had found herself a guy she could be happy with. No one deserved it more.

    Out on the dance floor, Laura nudged Kenzie. “I think you've got yourself an admirer up there,” she said with a grin.

    Kenzie nodded and deliberately didn't look up at the singer who had been watching her since they arrived. “Do you know him?”

    “Not too well,” said Laura. “I haven't been living up here for long. I know he's friends with Emma and Jack though. He seems like a good guy, but I think he makes the most of the opportunities that come with singing in a band, if you know what I mean.”

    Kenzie laughed. “Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I could be just that kind of opportunity.”

    Laura shook her head with a grin. “Are you sure you're Megan's sister? You two couldn't be more different. Can't you come live up here too?”

    Kenzie smiled. Part of her wished she could. It wasn't as if her life were going so well in Nashville. She wasn't a small-town girl though. She needed to live in a big city, where she could remain anonymous and make the most of her own opportunities. A place, where no one knew her well enough to realize that she was a failure who had never made anything of herself, added the mean little voice in the back of her head. “I hardly think I'd fit in here.”

    Laura smiled. “Never say never, girlfriend. I thought that the first time I came here too.”

    Kenzie shook her head. She liked Laura, she could see them being friends. That wasn't likely to happen though. Laura had found a way to pursue a successful career which allowed her to travel the world and to have a home here. Kenzie had nothing to travel for, and there was nothing for her in this place. She shot a look up at the singer. Well, there was that. But she'd have some of that and then be on her way.

    Sitting back at the table, Kenzie smiled as she listened to the girls chatter. Megan really did seem different. This place and these friends were good for her. As she stared out at the reflection of the moon on the lake, she realized that, happy as she was that things seemed to be going so well for her, she envied her sister. Just a little bit.

    “We should probably get going,” said Megan. “It's late.”

    Kenzie looked up. “The night is yet young, little sister. What's the hurry?”

    Megan smiled. “Well, the band is done for the night, the music's over. I thought we could get an early night and then maybe meet Michael for breakfast?”

    “You know me better than that. We don't need an early night, we need to stay out a while, have some fun.” She looked around at the others. “Don't we girls?”

    Holly laughed. “I'm up for it.”

    “And you can count me in,” added Laura.

    Emma exchanged a look with Megan. “Looks like we're outvoted.”

    Megan nodded reluctantly. “Okay.”

    “Great,” said Kenzie. “As soon as I get back from the ladies' room, I'll get the drinks in.”

    “No need,” said Megan, giving her a worried look. “I'll get them.”

    As her sister headed into the bar, Kenzie felt bad. She knew Megan worried about how she was doing for cash, but she'd made sure she'd brought enough with her so she wouldn't be a burden while she was visiting—even though it would leave her with nothing when she got back to Nashville. She headed into the ladies' room. She didn't need to think about that right now. She had a shift at the diner on Tuesday. She'd make enough in tips to be able to get some dinner afterward. She'd worry about her rent after that.

    Making her way back out through the bar, she smiled at the sight of a group of girls hanging around the band as they put their gear away. Of the five guys, three of them were busy flirting. The drummer was talking on his cell phone and the singer was scanning the crowd. Even as a cute blonde girl was talking to him, he kept looking over her shoulder checking the deck. Kenzie knew he was looking for her. Their exchanges earlier in the evening had left no doubt about what plans he wanted to make for later. She smiled as she made her way over to the stage, making sure she stayed out of his line of sight until she was just behind him.

    “So what do you say, Chase?” The blonde girl was looking up at him hopefully. “Robin's going to hang out with us later. Do you want to come too?”

    Chase glanced over at the table where Megan and the others were sitting, confirming for Kenzie that he was still looking for her. She stepped closer. The girl's eyes widened as Kenzie smiled at her. “Sorry, sugar. You're out of luck. Chase doesn't want to go with you, he wants to come with me.”

    Chase spun around to face her, his delight as apparent as the girl's disappointment.

    Kenzie was stunned by the effect he had on her. He took his time looking her over. She felt powerless as her body responded to him. She was used to men checking her out, but usually she was more aware of the effect she had on them than they had on her. Men were simple creatures. They were aroused by what they saw, and they only saw the facade. They saw the short skirts, the clingy tops, the brash blonde who gave as good as she got—usually better. As Chase's gaze took her in, it felt like he was seeing past all of that, seeing her naked, in every respect. She'd have to be careful with this one. He was a pro.

    He slowly lifted his gaze to meet hers. His lips curled up into a satisfied smile, knowing the effect he'd had on her. “Yeah. I was wondering where you'd gotten to, lover.” He narrowed his eyes, his smile sending shivers down Kenzie's back. “I told you earlier. You'll be coming with me tonight.”

    Kenzie barely registered the girl walking away. She was too busy trying to catch her breath, attempting to ignore the butterflies in her stomach, and the heat starting to build between her legs. Damn him he was hot! For the first time she could remember, she wanted to back off. This guy was dangerous. “Don't you think that's a little presumptuous?” She arched an eyebrow at him.

    As he grinned at her, his eyes told her he knew, knew that she was backpedaling. “Not at all. I think our earlier conversation was quite explicit about what we both want.” As he spoke, he reached out and placed his hand on her hip, his fingertips tracing the small of her back while his thumb circled her hip bone.

    Smooth move! She had to give him that—and if he didn't stop it soon, she'd give him anything he wanted and more. The heat between her legs was spreading through her as a deep desire for him while he held her gaze.

    “Unless I misunderstood?” He drew her a little closer. “I know what I want.” His eyes were mesmerizing, a gorgeous hazel color not unlike her own. They were laughing down at her as he asked, “You're not really going to tell me you don't want me, are you?”

    Kenzie shook her head. She wasn't about to admit how badly she wanted him either or that she might have finally met her match. She took a deep breath and smiled back at him. “I wouldn't lie to you, Chase. We both know I want you.” She gave a little chuckle. “Almost as much as you want me, but I can't tonight.”

    She was relieved to see the disappointment, quickly followed by determination, cross his face. She was back in the driver's seat. “Why not, darlin'? What could be more important than taking this back to my place?”

    “My little sister is much more important. I'm only here for the weekend. I can't just abandon her because some guy wants to sleep with me.” It was true. No matter how much she wanted Chase, she needed to figure out what Megan was getting herself into. Her first impression of Michael hadn't done much to reassure her. She really shouldn't go home with this guy tonight. She needed to stay with Megan.

    Chase laughed. The sound of it, so deep and genuine, made her smile. “I wasn't planning on letting you sleep.”

    She grinned back at him. “Figure of speech. I wouldn't let you get any rest either.”

    “So why are you playing with me if we're not going to do this?”

    “I didn't say we're not going to do this, did I? I said I can't tonight.”

    His grin was so sexy! “So are you saying you can tomorrow night?”


    He shook his head at her and caught her hand. “Come with me a minute? I want to show you something.”

    She nodded and let him lead her away from the crowd. They walked all the way to the end of the deck and down the steps onto the beach. It was dark down here, the noise from the Boathouse was dulled by the steady lapping of the water against the stones on the shore.

    Kenzie had to catch her breath again when he came to a stop and she looked up at him. He was gorgeous! The moonlight shone on his face as he pulled her towards him. He was smiling down at her.

    “So what did you want to show me?”

    “What you're going to be missing.” As he spoke, he closed his arms around her, crushing her to his hard chest. His lips came down on hers as one hand slid down to clasp her ass and hold her against another hard part of him.

    Kenzie's mind spun away as her hands came up to tangle in his hair. He was biting her lips, demanding entry. She bit back, nibbling his lower lip. He closed both hands around her ass while he walked her backward until he had her up against one of the concrete blocks that supported the deck. Caught between his hands and thrusting hips, she moaned. Chase took advantage of her parted lips and claimed her mouth, his tongue sliding inside exploring, demanding. She moved her hips with his as she kissed him back, grasping his ass, moving him in her time. She parted her legs a little, needing to feel his hard cock pressing into her. God she wanted him! She wanted him out of his jeans and inside her panties. Why the hell had she chickened out? His fingers were teasing her nipple through her dress, driving her crazy. She couldn't remember ever wanting a man like she wanted Chase right now.

    Footsteps came thundering down the steps from the deck, laughter and voices brought her back to her senses. She broke away from him. At least she broke away from his lips. His arms tightened around her middle, his cock pressed deeper between her legs, making her hang on to his shoulders. The look in his eyes took her breath away when he spoke. “Come with me? We can't stop this now.”

    If it weren't for the look in his eyes, she would have agreed with him. But his eyes were talking about a whole lot more than just the amazing sex they could be having. He looked confused, dazed, and desperate not to let go. Perhaps she could have ignored that. Her own desire might have been enough to override what she saw in his eyes—if it weren't for the fact that it mirrored what she felt. A kiss had never made her feel this mixed up before. She wanted to explore it, explore him, his mind as well as his body. But that was far too scary. She'd been right from the beginning. This man was dangerous!

    “We have to stop this now!” She pushed him off her, a little disappointed that he made no attempt to pin her there and convince her. She started to walk away from him, back towards the steps up to the deck.

    “Are you even going to tell me your name?”

    She turned back and smiled at him. “Kenzie.”

    He caught up with her and closed his arms around her waist. Again she was powerless to stop him. Truth be told, she didn't want him to stop. Seeming to sense that, he drew her closer with a smile.

    “I like it. I never heard that name before.”

    She smiled back. “That's because I'm one of a kind.”

    He laughed. “I'm not going to argue with that, lover. But I am going to ask if I can hang out with you and your friends? I know them all, I'm sure they won't mind. So what do you say? Can I buy you a drink?”

    Kenzie frowned. She'd expected him to back right off when he knew he wasn't going to get laid tonight. “You can if you want to, but I'm sure you could still catch up with that girl who wanted to take you home before I butted in.”

    Chase studied her face for a moment then grinned. “I could catch up with her, or some version of her every night of the week if I wanted to. I've never met a one-of-a-kind Kenzie before, and I doubt I ever will again. So let me hang out?”

    Kenzie nodded. Hanging out with this guy was probably more dangerous than sleeping with him! But she didn't want to say no. Most surprisingly, despite having told him he should, she hated the thought of him going after that blonde chick. Now there was a first!

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