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The Wedding Dance - Summer Lake Book 8 (ebook)

The Wedding Dance - Summer Lake Book 8 (ebook)

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Book 8 in the Summer Lake Romance series.

Missy Malone is about to marry Dan Benson. You are cordially invited to attend the wedding, in Las Vegas. 

As you might expect, these two will encounter a few bumps on the way to their big day. But this is Missy and Dan—you know they’ll overcome any obstacle in their path. Their friends will all be with them on their journey toward wedded bliss. The question is: which of them will be able to overcome some pretty major obstacles of their own? 

You’ll have to accept the invitation, and join the gang in Vegas to find out who else is getting married, who isn’t, and who’s expecting a baby!

This book is intended for readers aged 18+ 

Readers say:

"Wow! Wow! Wow! SJ McCoy has really outdone herself with this book."

"You keep these books coming MJ McCoy, and I'll keep on reading."

"As always SJ McCoy brings her characters alive and make you feel as if you are really apart of this glorious occasion. You will laugh and you will cry, because nothing is ever perfect. But through love and friendship even the hardest of situations can be overcome.

The Wedding Dance is the eighth book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit Summer Lake Romance series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 

"This is my favorite SJ McCoy book!"

"I'm not sure how SJ McCoy keeps writing books that I can't put down, but she does... This is another 5 star book!"

"There were so many surprises it kept you on your toes till the end. I can't wait until the next installment..."

"Hot, thought provoking, sentimental, exciting, and humorous. I love all the characters and THEY all have found a place in my heart. Keep writing these stories. They are the best!"

"I am speechless! I loved this book! It was by far the best book of the Summer Lake Series. I enjoyed catching up with all the characters. I am looking forward to finding out more. Thank you SJ McCoy for writing this book along with the series. This is a book that must be read!"

"Tears, love, possibilities. I love this series, all of the stories.... but I think this one has touched my heart so completely. Thank you.

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