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Meet Me Where the Stars Fall - Summer Lake Silver book 10 (ebook)

Meet Me Where the Stars Fall - Summer Lake Silver book 10 (ebook)

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Book 10 in The Summer Lake Silver series. 

Meet Me Where the Stars Fall is NOW LIVE!

Lucky and Dee

Lucky came to Summer Lake for a fresh start. He’s tough, guarded, and haunted by nightmares that only his dog, Echo, can help him with. 

When he first meets Dee, an author visiting the lake for the summer, he’s immediately drawn to her. At first sight, Dee’s drawn to him, too, but she’s terrified of Echo. 

That might leave Lucky disappointed, but it’s not enough to deter Echo. She senses something special about Dee. And like Lucky, she’s a former Navy SEAL – she’s not a dog who gives up easily. 

Lucky’s reluctant to let Dee in – he doesn’t let anyone in. Maybe it’s because she’s so warm and open, or maybe it’s the way she looks at him like he’s the only man in the world. Whatever it is, he finds himself falling for her, despite his reservations. 

Dee knows she can be a lot to handle. She’s outgoing and tends to speak her mind but she’s not going to apologize for being herself. And no way is she looking for love – she’s been there twice and has the divorce decrees to prove it. 

There’s something about Lucky, though. Maybe it’s the way he carries himself, like he’s seen things most people can't imagine, or maybe it’s the way he looks at her like she might be the one who can finally set him free. 

Lucky's tough exterior starts to melt away as he realizes how much Dee means to him, and Dee starts to see the tender, loving side of him – the side that only Echo knows. 

Life’s never plain sailing, though. Lucky still has nightmares, and Dee has two sons from her previous marriages who are protective of their mom. 

These two have some obstacles ahead of them. It’ll take Echo's help for them to find the courage to take a chance on love. 

Meet Me Where the Stars Fall is the tenth book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit Summer Lake Silver series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 


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