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Where the Rainbow Ends - Summer Lake Silver Book 4 (ebook)

Where the Rainbow Ends - Summer Lake Silver Book 4 (ebook)

Sweet n Steamy Romance

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 538+ 5-Star Reviews

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Diego believes that it’s important to focus on the sunny side. The beautiful arcs of color that appear in the sky may be known as rainbows, but they wouldn’t appear if the sun didn’t shine.

He’s lived through enough darkness. These days, he’s focused on all the good in his life—and there’s so much good. He doesn’t have a woman who’s a permanent fixture—but he does have plenty who pass through temporarily.

He likes women; they like him! He’s outgoing, fun-loving, and enjoys being the star of the show.
Izzy’s fun-loving and outgoing, too. She also enjoys being the center of attention, and right from the moment he meets her, Diego wouldn’t mind focusing some attention on her. But she’s just not interested.

At least, she claims she’s not.

At fifty-five, Izzy has life figured out. She’s that divorcée who’s living it up and enjoying her status as an attractive cougar on the prowl.

She enjoys the company of younger men—they enjoy her! She’s not looking for anything serious, and certainly not with a man like Diego. Sure, he’s sexy, and funny … and passionate … and romantic! But he’s also that big macho guy who needs to be in charge, and his ego is even bigger than his …

Diego might be a romantic, but she’s not one to get suckered in by hearts and flowers or talk of rainbows and unicorn farts. In her experience, the crock at the end of the rainbow is filled with something other than gold, and she has no desire to go there again.

Get your copy of this sweet and steamy romance today, and you’ll laugh and cry with Diego and Izzy on the journey to discover what lies at the end of their rainbow.

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Where the Rainbow Ends is the fourth book in USA Today Bestselling Author SJ McCoy's international hit Summer Lake Silver series, loved by over 1,000,000 fans of sweet and steamy romances. 

Readers say:

"This is the 39th book I've read by this author, and I still can't seem to get enough. She's just that good!!!"

"I loved every minute of this book and didn't want it to end."

"This story will make you laugh, cry and touch you in a way I can't explain." 

"I love this series. It makes me believe that you can fall in love at any age or at any point in your life."

"OMG Diego is a hero to die as heck and a heart of gold."

"We all want a Diego. Love this series. Keep em coming!!!"

"Sexy and thoughtful. Diego has it all!"

"SJ McCoy does it again, with another beautiful, heart-warming story."

"Believe me your going to love her books. Happy Reading!"

    Chapter One Look Inside

    Chapter One

    Diego looked around the crowded bar. It was much busier than usual here in the Boathouse tonight. It was a younger crowd than usual, too. He wasn’t above admiring the younger women, even flirting with them, but that was as far as he would take it. He shuddered. Most of the women here tonight looked to be the same age as his son, Zack—perhaps younger. Some men were attracted to women half their age, but Diego wasn’t one of them.

    His friend, Ted, raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay tonight. I think it’s going to be too busy and too loud for my taste.”

    Diego smiled at him. “I don’t like to admit it, but I think I’ll be ready to leave whenever you are. Zack and Maria aren’t coming, so I don’t think we need to sit here propping up the bar all night—” He stopped when someone elbowed him. He turned to see what was going on.

    The woman gave him an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry.”

    He smiled. “That’s okay. No problem.” He was pleased to see someone his own age here—and an attractive someone at that. As he started to turn back to Ted, he caught sight of her companion. Another woman his own age, but if the first one was attractive, this one was gorgeous! He forced himself to turn back to Ted.

    He grinned at his friend and jerked his head, indicating that he should take a look for himself.

    Ted couldn’t get a good look around Diego, so he turned to check them out in the mirror behind the bar. His expression changed when he saw them, and Diego could only hope that he preferred the one who’d elbowed him. He smirked and mouthed, wow!

    To his surprise, Ted shook his head rapidly.


    Ted looked stunned. “That’s her.”

    “Her who? Oh!” Diego grinned. “Your friend from the gym? Your beautiful mess?”

    Ted nodded.

    “So, what are you waiting for?” Diego began to turn around, but Ted caught his arm.

    “Give me a minute.”

    “If you say so.”

    They both stayed quiet, and Diego felt bad eavesdropping on their conversation. It seemed that the one who’d elbowed him had her ex-husband here tonight. And the gorgeous blonde was being supportive. He liked her for that. In his experience, women were sometimes less than supportive of each other. He could only guess that was due to their own insecurities. He wanted to believe that the blonde didn’t have any of those.

    He, too, was now watching the pair in the mirror behind the bar.

    When the song ended, the blonde waggled her eyebrows. “Come on, Audrey, you can’t tell me you’d turn the drummer down if he asked you? He’s hot!”

    Diego pursed his lips. If he had to compete with another man for the blonde’s attention, he’d rather it wasn’t the drummer—who just happened to be Ted’s son.

    He watched her friend, wondering whether she also would be interested in a much younger man.

    “You know me, Izzy,” said the friend.

    Izzy? It wasn’t a name he’d heard before; he wondered what it was short for.

    “That guy is your type,” the friend continued. “I, on the other hand, wish I could meet his father.”

    Well, that was good news for Ted, at least! Diego spun around to look at him with a big grin on his face. “Sorry, mi amigo, but I must.” He turned back toward the women, put his hand on the friend’s shoulder, and said, “Wish granted.”

    She looked confused, and Diego realized that she must think he meant he was Eddie’s father. He leaned back so that she could see Ted sitting beside him.

    There was no mistaking the moment that they shared. Diego had never seen Ted look so smitten.

    Ted got down from his seat and went to shake the woman’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to see you again. I’m Ted.” He jerked his head toward the stage. “And that’s my son, Eddie.”

    She cleared her throat. “It’s nice to see you again.”

    It seemed that she was as smitten as Ted. Diego saw Izzy kick her foot, startling her back to her senses. “I’m Audrey, and this is Izzy.”

    Finally, the blonde looked at Diego, and his heart began to race. She grinned and leaned forward to shake first his hand and then Ted’s. “How do you two know each other?” she asked.

    “We met briefly this morning,” said Ted.

    “Oh! You’re the guy from the gym!”

    Diego grinned. Ted had mentioned earlier that he’d had a moment with a woman in the gym this morning. And it seemed that fortune had smiled on them so that their paths now crossed again. He could only hope that Lady Luck was feeling as benevolent toward him.

    He held his hand out to shake with Izzy and nodded at Audrey. “I heard about this brief meeting, too.” He gave Izzy a conspiratorial smile. “I’m Diego, by the way. Since Ted seems to have forgotten to introduce me. Can we buy you a drink, ladies?”

    Izzy waved a bottle of champagne. “We’re fine for drinks, thanks. But we’d love for you to join us.”

    “Another bottle, then.” Diego grinned. He was thrilled at the invitation. “And tell us what you’re celebrating, so we can join in?”

    “It’s my—” began Audrey.

    “Audrey here is beginning a new chapter,” Izzy spoke over her.

    Diego waved the bartender, Kenzie, over to order more champagne. They were drinking Veuve Clicquot, and he was happy to join them.

    “What kind of chapter?” asked Ted.

    Izzy answered the question for her. “Audrey’s had a tough time for the last few years, and now she’s coming into her own.” She raised her glass and smiled at them. “She’s ready to have some fun.”

    Diego held up a fresh bottle of champagne and two more glasses. “May I suggest that we move to a table? The band is about to take their break, and that will mean a rush at the bar.” It wasn’t purely self-interest that made him want to move away from the bar. Of course, he was hoping to get to know Izzy better, but Ted and Audrey had hardly taken their eyes off each other yet.

    Izzy slid down from her stool with a grin. “I was just thinking the same thing. There’s a booth open over there, see?”

    Ted and Audrey hung back while he and Izzy made their way to the booth. Diego hesitated for a moment, then decided that sitting opposite her would be best.

    She smiled at him. “Are you guys locals?”

    “No. We live in Laguna Beach. You?”

    “No. We’re just here for the weekend. We live in Ventura.”

    Diego smiled. That was closer to home than here. He caught himself mid-thought. What did it even matter where she lived? Sure, she was an attractive woman, but she was interested in Ted’s son. What made him think that she might have any interest in him? He smiled to himself. There was only one way to find out.

    At that moment, Ted and Audrey came to sit with them. Ted slid into the seat beside him, and Diego slid a glass of champagne in front of him. Attractive as Izzy was, Ted was his main priority tonight. He hadn’t shown any interest in a woman for a long time—and he was the kind of man who should be with someone. He had a big heart and a kind soul. They’d been friends for over twenty-five years, and Diego would love to see him find a woman and the kind of happiness he deserved.

    Ted raised his glass to Audrey. “To new beginnings.”

    “New beginnings,” Audrey echoed.

    Diego smiled as he raised his glass. He’d put money on the fact that he was witnessing a new beginning between the two of them.

    “So,” Izzy grinned around at them, “we know that Eddie is your son, and Diego tells me that you guys live in Laguna Beach. What else do we need to know about you?”

    Diego got the impression that she was as protective of her friend as he was of his.

    “What do you want to know?” asked Ted.

    “Everything.” She looked more serious as she continued. “I suppose the first important thing to get out of the way is, where’s Eddie’s mom?”

    Diego caught Ted’s eye. He knew the score. Eddie’s mom had cheated on Ted, and they’d divorced less than amicably. She’d ensured that Ted hadn’t been part of Eddie’s life for the longest time.

    “Where is she?” asked Ted. “I have no idea. I haven’t seen or heard from her in …” He had to think about it. “almost twenty-five years.”

    Izzy looked thrilled to hear it. Although apparently, she hadn’t picked up on how uncomfortable the question had made Ted.

    “What about you, Audrey?” Diego didn’t see why Ted should be the only one to have to put it all out there.

    Ted turned to glare at him. Perhaps he shouldn’t have put her on the spot like that.

    “I’ve been divorced for almost three years now. Unfortunately, I can’t say I haven’t seen him in that time. In fact, he’s here this evening. This is our children’s birthday party.”

    “And what about you, Diego?” Ted glared at him.

    Diego shrugged. He smiled at Audrey. “My son lives here, also. His name is Zack. His mother left us when he was six.”

    “I’m sorry.” Audrey’s expression said a lot about her.

    “And before anyone asks me to share my tale of woe,” said Izzy. “I have no children. I couldn’t, and I’ve been divorced for eight years from a man who swore to me that it didn’t matter. He’s remarried with a six-year-old daughter.” Diego’s heart hurt for her. She smiled as she said it, but he could see pain in her eyes.

    “Well.” Audrey looked around the table. “Now that we’ve got that out of the way …” She smiled. “Perhaps we can bring it back to regular chitchat. Are you two here for the weekend? Where’s home?”

    “Home is Laguna Beach. And I’m here for the week.” Ted smiled. “My grandson asked me to stay.”

    Diego cocked his head to one side. “Did I know this?”

    Ted laughed. “I thought I told you, but perhaps I forgot.”

    Diego shrugged and looked at Izzy. “I’m going home to Laguna tomorrow. You?”

    She grinned. “I have to go home tomorrow, too.” She turned to Audrey. “But this one is staying until next weekend, while I go back and run the office.”

    Audrey laughed. “Don’t go for the sympathy vote. You’re the one who insisted I take some time off. I can come back with you if you like.”

    Izzy shook her head rapidly. “No way!”

    Diego sensed that the dynamic between the two of them was similar to the one he and Ted shared. It made him smile. What made him smile even more was the fact that she was leaving tomorrow. Right now, she seemed more interested in helping Ted and Audrey along, but if she showed an interest in him, then he saw no reason he shouldn’t give her a ride home tomorrow. Ventura might be a couple hundred miles from Laguna, but in the jet, that was hardly any time at all.

    ~ ~ ~

    “What are your plans while you’re here?” Ted asked Audrey.

    She smiled at him. “To rest and relax.”

    “To have some fun,” added Izzy. She couldn’t believe that Audrey was so taken with Ted. She hadn’t shown any interest in guys since her divorce. Izzy caught Ted’s gaze and gave him the hint of a nod.

    “Perhaps you can both have some fun,” said Diego.

    Izzy wanted to laugh at the expressions on Audrey and Ted’s faces. She and Diego were both being a little over the top, and she knew it.

    “Would you excuse me for a moment?” Audrey asked. “The kids are coming over.”

    When Izzy followed her gaze, she saw Audrey’s kids, Ally and Brayden, talking to the drummer—Ted’s son.

    She gave Diego a rueful smile when the other two went to talk to their kids. “Is he as good a guy as he seems to be?”

    A wave of heat rushed through her when he turned his smile on her. She’d been trying to ignore it ever since the moment she laid eyes on him, but he was one fine man! She drew in an unsteady breath. The trouble was, he was all man. She could just tell that he was one of those big macho guys.

    “He’s even better. He’s a kind soul and a good man.”

    He held her gaze for a long and moment, and she found it hard to drag her eyes away. She hadn’t expected him to talk like that. Guys like him didn’t have souls as far as she was concerned, they certainly didn’t recognize kindness in others’ souls.

    “And Audrey?” he asked.

    She nodded. “His only concern with her should be not to hurt her. She’s not someone who does this kind of thing.”

    She watched a little smirk play on his lips and couldn’t help noticing how full they were and wondering what it would be like to kiss them. She pulled herself together.

    “You’re the wiser one, looking out for her?”

    She nodded.

    He raised one eyebrow, and his voice resonated through her, turning her on more than she would admit even to herself. “Wiser, because you do do this sort of thing?”

    She held his gaze for a long moment.

    “Would you want to do this sort of thing?” He let his gaze travel over her, and her body reacted as though it were his fingers touching her.

    She sucked in a deep breath to steady herself and shook her head slowly.

    His smile faded a little. “No?”

    “I think our purpose tonight is to look out for our friends, don’t you?”

    He nodded.

    She’d only intended to buy herself a little time. If she told him that yes, she would love to do that sort of thing with him … she shuddered. He was the kind of guy she stayed clear of. Big, macho, full-on personality.

    It seemed he’d taken her rejection as complete. He turned to watch Audrey and Ted talking to their children.

    “That’s Ted’s son, talking with them.”

    She nodded.

    “Ah, of course, you knew this. He’s the drummer in the band.”

    She swung her head to look at him, but he continued to watch Audrey and Ted. Had he heard what she’d said about Eddie earlier? She felt like he must have. He’d taken her hesitation toward his own advances to mean rejection and then immediately focused on Eddie—the guy she’d made no secret about finding attractive.

    She almost wanted to rescue the moment. She felt drawn to Diego in a way that she hadn’t felt with a guy in years. He might be big and macho and over-the-top, but he was also sexy-as-sin; it’d be a shame to pass up on that. But no. She had a deal with herself these days. She only got involved—and involved was far too strong a term for the kind of liaisons she had—with younger guys these days. There were fewer chances of complications that way.

    She looked at him again, but he was smiling as he watched Audrey and Ted. She turned to see why. Audrey’s ex, Richard, was shaking hands with Ted, and Izzy liked Ted that little bit more when she saw the look of distaste on his face. Diego claimed that he was a man of good character—she could see for herself that he was, at least, a good judge of character.

    When they came and sat back down, Izzy grinned at Audrey. “I see you had the chance to talk with Richard?”

    She nodded.

    Diego grinned at Ted. “Judging by the way he was so eager to meet you, I’d guess that he knew who you are?”

    Ted smiled back at him. “He did.”

    Audrey turned to look at him. “It seems he’s more in the know than I am.”

    “He’s probably heard mention of me in business circles.”

    Diego chuckled. “My friend is too modest. I, on the other hand, am not. We’re bankers. Rawlins-Águila is a well-known and respected private bank.”

    Izzy raised her eyebrows. “So, Ted Rawlins and Diego Águila?”

    “That’s right.”

    “And what about you, ladies?” asked Ted. “What do you do?”

    “Advertising,” said Audrey.

    “Do you work for anyone we might know?” asked Diego.

    Izzy laughed. It was typical that he would assume they worked for someone else. “We both work for someone you know: Audrey.”

    “You have your own agency?” asked Ted. “Where are you based?”

    “The office is in Ventura. We’re just a small team.”

    Izzy rolled her eyes and looked at Diego. “My friend is as bad as yours for being overly modest. She went out on her own after her divorce from him. You know what the name Richard usually gets shortened to, don’t you? Well, in his case, there couldn’t be a more appropriate nickname.”

    “Izzy!” Audrey made a face at her.

    Diego looked puzzled for a moment, then laughed when he figured out what Izzy meant. That surprised her. She’d have expected him to be quicker than that, but perhaps it was a language thing. His accent wasn’t too strong—in fact, it was perfectly sexy—but it was enough to say that English wasn’t his first language.

    “Anyway,” she continued forcing herself to focus on the conversation instead of thinking about his deep sexy voice. “The two of them were in business together. Audrey did all the work. But the advertising world is still like an old boys’ club. So, when they separated, most of the business stayed with Richard. He’s pretty much run the agency into the ground now, from what I hear.”

    “That’s not true,” said Audrey.

    Izzy held up a hand. “Okay. Sorry. I’ll stop.” She smiled at Ted and Diego. “The short version of the story is that Audrey went out on her own after the divorce and now runs a digital advertising agency that has won numerous awards in the last couple of years.”

    Ted caught Audrey’s eye. “What kind of clients do you work with?”

    Diego chuckled. “I think he’s wondering whether you work with banks.”

    Izzy glanced at him. It was a stupid thought, but she hoped that it might work out that way. If Audrey wanted to work with Ted, that would mean that she’d get to see Diego again. Though why she would want to …

    Audrey smiled. “We work with anyone who’s looking to increase their reach online. But I’m here to take a break from work. So, if you don’t mind, can we move the conversation along?”

    “Why don’t we move it onto the dance floor?” suggested Diego.

    Izzy was on her feet in a moment. It was only because she wanted to get away from the conversation. Dancing would be a good distraction from sitting there staring across the table into Diego’s big gorgeous eyes!

    The dance floor was crowded, but Diego took hold of her hand and went ahead of her, clearing a path for them. For a moment, she let herself relax and enjoy the feeling. He was a big guy, and there was something commanding about him, too. People gave way to him, and the thought crossed her mind of how it would feel if she gave way to him. Shivers chased each other down her spine as she looked at his broad back. But no.

    When he stopped and turned to look at her, Izzy let go of his hand and elbowed a space for herself. She was perfectly capable of making her own way in the world—she didn’t need a man to do it for her.

    She was relieved when Audrey and Ted made their way out onto the dance floor. She didn’t want to be left out here with just Diego. He was a great dancer, which didn’t surprise her. He was one of those guys who would be good at everything he did; she could just tell. Her concern was that if she wasn’t careful, he’d be doing her before the night was out.

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